Where Do Most Accidents Occur For Motorcycles?

Where do most motorcycle accidents occur? The majority of motorcycle accidents occur when motorcycles collide with another vehicle. This can happen for several reasons. Some of these accidents are the result of a sudden lane change, while others are the result of a driver opening the door without checking the road. Some accidents are the result of a left turn. Regardless of the cause, there are ways to reduce the risk of motorcycle collisions.

Most motorcycle accidents take place on urban roadways. About 56% of motorcycle crashes occur in urban settings, especially around troublesome intersections. Motorcycle accidents also occur more often at night, when visibility is lower for other drivers and motorcyclists. In fact, six out of 10 fatal motorcycle accidents happened at night. Sadly, this doesn’t mean you should avoid riding at night. But you should take heed of these statistics. If you need accident lawyer then you should contact with Gartlan Injury Law.

Motorcycle accidents are not only frightening, but they can be life-changing. Thankfully, they aren’t as common as you might think. According to the NHTSA, 60 percent of motorcycle accidents occur on non-interstate roads, and they happen outside of intersections. Because motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles, the damage is usually concentrated in the motorcyclist. Motorcycle accidents can also result in major loss of income for the motorcyclist.

In 2019 alone, over five thousand motorcyclists were killed in motorcycle accidents, and more than eight thousand were injured. A motorcycle rider’s chances of being injured in an accident are 29 times greater than in those of a passenger vehicle. Despite the small size of motorcycles, riders have few protections. Because of this, they’re more likely to be injured or even killed. Most motorcycle accidents occur in intersections, because other drivers are less attentive to the motorcycle and are more likely to crash into it.

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