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Where To Find A Drink Driving Lawyer In Parramatta


If you have recently been arrested for drink driving lawyer Parramatta, a suburb of Western Sydney, you will need to find a lawyer that can represent you before the magistrate. Attempting to represent yourself, especially if this has happened before, can be very detrimental. You may be penalized in ways that may lead to an extended stay in jail plus excessive fines. It is for this reason many people have contacted Ainsley Law. Although they do provide many different legal services, it is their drink driving services that many people use throughout this community.

Different Types Of Drink Driving Penalties

There are several different penalties that you may experience as a result of drink driving in Australia. If you have been arrested as a result of being over the legal limit, things can get problematic. This is especially true for repeat drink driving offenses such as two or more offenses within a five year period. For the first offense, the court can impose a fine of $2200 with a maximum prison term of nine months. From there, the cost will increase, along with prison time, plus automatic disqualification penalties may also be imposed. With all of these problems, it is likely that you will need a representative from Ainsley Law to help you.

Why You Should Contact Ainsley Law

This legal team can represent the people of Australia in many different ways. They specialize in license appeals, traffic offenses, and also AIS. If you have been arrested for driving without a license, they can represent you as well. However, they do specialize in representing people for novice, special, low, middle, and high range penalties for drink driving. Understanding all of these terms, and what the penalties will be, is something that the lawyers will do for you. Their experience in this industry, and track record for helping people in Sydney, that has motivated so many individuals to use them.

How To Get Started With Ainsley Law

If you want to get started with this law firm, it’s actually very easy to do. It begins with a phone call. You can tell them what has happened, how many offenses you have had in recent years, along with other information. Once you have provided them with all of this, they can then begin to prepare for your case. As long as they are by your side, you will not have to speak to the magistrate, allowing them to do what they do best.

Legal representation is very important when facing drink driving penalties. If this is one of many offenses, or even your first offense, it is important to be represented in court by these lawyers. They will understand with the best course of action will be in order to obtain the best verdict. In particular, if you have had this occur in the Parramatta area, this law firm will know exactly what to do. It will allow you to relax knowing you will be in the best legal hands possible. If you are concerned about representing yourself for your drink driving offense, contact Ainsley Law today.

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