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Why Should You Put Your Logo on Photos?


Entrepreneurs don’t pay much attention to logos when building their businesses. Many people think that you can do without a logo. At the same time, a good logo is one of the main things that make a business successful. It matches the high-quality goods and services and has received positive customer feedback.

Logos are placed everywhere. If your company has photographs, it is also worth putting a logo on them. At the same time, you can experiment with the logo for the photo. It is better to apply such an element as a watermark. At the moment, there are several ways how to watermark photos for free. There are services on the Internet and programs for a computer and a smartphone. The applications allow you to change the type of logo, transparency, location, photo features, etc.

Below, we will explain why using a logo in a photo is essential. Such symbols can create a positive impression on customers. They are used to identify the business and to distinguish the company from competitors.

Attracts attention

The owner must quickly and effectively draw attention to his business. According to statistics, an entrepreneur has only 2 seconds to convince the consumer to cooperate and prove that the goods and services offered are available for attention.


The logo serves its purpose perfectly. It draws the consumer’s attention and tells your business’s values and mission. When a client is unfamiliar with your company, he will form his first impressions based on your appearance. And here, the logo will work to your advantage.

Creates a Solid First Impression

People first see a logo when they learn about a new company. A suitable logo can attract the public’s attention and interest them in your company. Further, the consumer will want to learn more about the company, about the goods and services offered.

A bad logo can turn off potential customers. Even if you offer high-quality goods and services, no one will know about them. The suitable logo can declare copyright, tell about your company’s niche, convey the product’s main advantages, etc.

The Logo Is Part of The Corporate Identity

Company branding is a multilateral and multi-stage process. Successful branding allows you to influence the emotions of the client. A logo is one of the parts of your company’s brand. With it, you can lay the foundation for your company’s entire story.

When working on a logo, it is essential to consider several nuances. We are talking about tone, shadow, color, font, and other points. In the future, the logo will be applied to all branding materials, including photographs.

Stands Out from Competitors

Don’t be afraid to spend a lot of time creating a suitable logo. Thanks to such an image, you can stand out from your competitors. It is especially true for popular business areas. For example, many photographers offer to shoot a particular subject. How to make sure that they turn to you? Post exciting photos on the Internet, stocks, and social networks, leaving a link to yourself as a logo.

What Functions Does the Logo Perform in The Photo?

The use of a watermark logo on photographs performs many functions at once. The primary purpose of such a label is to exclude illegal copying of the network’s content and to identify yourself as the author. According to statistics, more than 70% of beginner photographers are faced with the problem of content theft on the network. Placing a simple logo on the photo would sometimes reduce the manifestation of this issue.

Another essential function of the logo is to promote the photographer on the web. Even if your photo is posted on a third-party resource without purchase, everyone will recognize the author of the content precisely by the applied watermark.

Choose the right place to place the watermark. The easiest and most aesthetic way is to put a logo in one of the corners of the photo. Such a watermark does not spoil the overall composition of the picture. At the same time, the minus of the stigma is that it is straightforward to remove it from the image with standard cropping. It is undesirable to mark virtual objects in a photograph, people’s faces, etc.

Watermarks in the form of a logo on a photo are used everywhere. Such labels are put by amateur and professional photographers. If you want to protect your work from theft and promote your brand online, be sure to watermark your images before posting.

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