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Why We Need to Stay Healthy: Basics an Average Person Must Know


Contrary to popular belief, health doesn’t equal the absence of disease. Sometimes a formally healthy person isn’t ready to call himself as such. Because health is a whole complex of psychophysical characteristics, including both the general state of the body, and its energy potential, state of mind and vitality.

Health in this broad sense is a guarantee of a full active life, the ability to set goals and achieve them, longevity and joy of every day. And there are ways to maintain health!

The Golden Rules of Health

Different factors influence a person’s health:

  • Lifestyle. Unbalanced diet, overeating, lack of movement, unhealthy habits, and even gambling at लाइव ऑनलाइन कसीनो असली पैसे with no rest for a long time separately can cause damage to health. And if they act in combination, problems, unfortunately, cannot be avoided.
  • Genetic factors. It’s a combination of features that determines individual reactions to different influences – how exactly your body will resist viruses, how it will cope with toxins and react to a lack of certain micro or macronutrients. It’s a kind of “pre-installed applications”, like in the phone – you can’t get rid of them, but you can learn to live with them.

How to Stay Healthy

Healthy Eating

“You are what you eat” is a statement known by our grandmas, and it’s an absolute truth! So the question “how to improve your health” should first and foremost mean “how to eat right to be healthy.”

The main rules of a healthy diet are:

  • A balanced diet. It should contain sufficient proteins, fats and carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. To ensure that it meets your individual needs, take your genetic characteristics into account.
  • The optimal daily caloric intake. This is best calculated individually. You can use any formula, for example: for women 10 x weight + 6.25 x height – 5 x age – 161, for men 10 x weight + 6.25 x height – 5 x age + 5. And the best thing would be to consult a nutritionist.

Physical Activity

Another famous phrase: “Movement is life.” It’s necessary to devote at least 30-60 minutes a day to physical activity. It may be a morning exercise or 8-10 thousand steps a day – choose what you like. Sport without fanaticism strengthens health, improves the condition of all body systems and increases its resistance to viruses.


The easiest and most accessible ways of hardening are air baths and douches. It is not necessary to go out in a 30-degree frost and dive into the ice-hole. Even dousing the feet with cool water to the knees, regular airing of the room or contrast showers will be effective.

Peace of Mind

“All illnesses come from nerves” – have you heard it? The rules of health care are also based on psychoimmunology (a branch of medical science that studies the relationship of the nervous and immune systems of the human body). So try to avoid prolonged stress, depression, laugh more, meditate, and spend time with pleasant people.

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