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Why You Should Consider Hiring a Christian Comedian


Christian comedians have been seeing a massive rise in popularity in recent years: and for a good reason! Not only are their acts hilarious, but they bring something to the table that’s been harder and harder to find.

These are the top reasons everyone should consider hiring a Christian comedian sometime soon.

Clean Comedy for Everyone

Clean comedy is hard to come by these days. Although there are tons of comedians who claim they’re clean, you can never be entirely sure what they mean by that. With Christian comedy, you can rest assured that they won’t tell jokes that they wouldn’t repeat within a church. This gives you the chance to enjoy good humor without worrying about it being too gross for your event.

Can Be Used for Church Events

If you’ve ever planned a church event, you know how difficult it is to plan entertainment for it. Not only because everyone has different tastes but also because finding Christian bands means having to pick a genre out of the dozens, and not everyone will enjoy the same type of music.

Comedy brings everyone together and gives everyone something to laugh at and enjoy together. Pick the right comedian, and you’ll build a gathering space for your church to connect and feel like a family together.

No Need to Worry About Offending

Christian comedy is clean in nature and works to get a laugh out of people without trying to offend or hurt anyone. This is important, especially now when it seems like so many comedians are on the chopping block for making tasteless jokes that shouldn’t be anywhere near a crowd of people.

Instead, the humor is usually about people in their lives, stories from the bible, and jokes through the community that may pull you in and make you feel like you’re sharing a laugh with a friend. This is a powerful tool that makes their stand-up even better.

The Chance to Support Christian Comedians

Supporting Christian comedians is vital if you want there to be more Christian comedians. Not only does this behavior tell the markets that there’s money in this, so there is a need to support them further, but you help boost their career so they can spread clean and funny comedy out further than just your local community. It’s important to support Christian comedians if you want there to be more of them.

Better Sense of Community

We all want to feel like we’re part of a community and conversation when we go to an event, so it’s important to do what you can to boost that feeling for everyone. By hiring a Christian comedian, you’re giving everyone a central point to rotate around and connect through. This allows the comedian to make sense of unity that you wouldn’t find otherwise. Inviting this event to have the feeling of a community gathering will inspire more people to talk about it and remember it fondly in the future.

Christian Comedians Are the Way to Go!

Whether hiring a comedian to step in and wow the crowd before an event starts, or you’re hiring one to stand out and keep everyone entertained for the entire gathering: hire a Christian one! Not only will they stun and surprise, but they’ll also keep your sense of community going the entire time.

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