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Wondershare PDFelement 9: An Ultimate Guide to OCR PDF That Everyone Needs


Have you heard of OCR technology and want to know what is ocr pdf? Do you find PDF editing to be laborious? Do you want to make a PDF file on a Windows computer? You need to fill out some lengthy PDF forms. Are you still completing these chores with internet solutions that lack capabilities and put your files in danger (of being stolen or compromised)? Let’s undertake some clever work instead of more laborious effort now to manage all of your PDF problems.

This post will give you “The Best Tool” i.e pdfelement for mac and Windows to manage, edit, or create your PDF OCR for free. Wondershare PDFelement features the most potent Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, capability to provide you incredible control over your PDF Files, much like other PDF Editors.

What is OCR, and why is PDF OCR needed?

The OCR feature, also known as optical character recognition, aids in altering scanned PDF files. Users can convert paper documentation and images into modifiable PDFs using the sophisticated function known as OCR. Using a scanner and OCR features that it can enable after a document has been successfully scanned using a PDF application are two ways to accomplish this.

A picture of a text is intended to be changed into the actual text. Which does this imply? Imagine that you have a wordless image (e.g., a JPEG of a restaurant menu). The restaurant menu image can be scanned and converted into an editable PDF document using OCR software.

To put it another way, you will have the ability to edit text that was previously a static image. The ability to alter a scanned PDF file is OCR’s most useful function. OCR allows editing every character in a PDF, something a non-OCR PDF editor cannot do.

You can alter images in any format using OCR. Along with these capabilities, OCR for PDFs also has other vital features like character recognition automatically, support for many languages, and high-quality produced files. The most significant “PDF OCR Free” editing tool is Wondershare PDFelement, thanks to OCR. The main capabilities of Wondershare PDFelement include form filling, OCR, and Edit, Converting, and Creating a PDF.

Introduction of Wondershare PDFelement:

While some PDF editors typically interpret scanned PDF elements as images, restricting the extent of editing, scanned PDF files allow you to search for and change the content.

The OCR feature in Wondershare PDFelement digitizes the papers, sparing the additional pain of having to type the scanned document again to edit it. OCR technology aids in reading PDF files that contain content in languages other than English and transforming them into a digital format so that it can edit them. In addition, we may use OCR in Wondershare PDFelement to convert scanned PDF files to various document formats.

Step by Step Process to use PDFelement for OCR PDF:

By using the PDFelement, you can efficiently perform OCR PDF by just following the simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Select File:

You should download and install Wondershare PDFelement on your computer or desktop. Once the application is downloaded, locate the icon, open it, and when opened, click “Open File” on the homepage and load the required file to perform OCR.

Step 2: Perform OCR:

A pop-up notification will show after the added file asks you to execute OCR on the uploaded file. To start, you must now click the perform OCR option.

Step 3: Review and Save File:

When the OCR process is completed, you can save the file and start editing the PDF by selecting the Edit tab.

What Makes the Wondershare PDFelement so Unique?

Wondershare allows users complete control over PDF files thanks to OCR technology. Users can quickly annotate papers with comments to make cooperation easier. You can edit texts, change pictures, change font sizes, add pages and links, tweak colors, etc., using Wondershare PDFelement PDF with OCR technology for free under a single application. Still, you would have to spend a hefty sum to use other PDF editing software.

Additionally, it converts PDF files into other document types, including Word, Excel, HTML, Rich Text, and Images. This capability also allows you to use pre-existing documents or images to create PDFs from scratch. You can use Wondershare PDFelement PDF with OCR to edit, create, and fill out PDF forms and password-protect PDF files.

If you want to edit scanned documents, researchers highly recommend OCR Edit. This OCR solution will help you organize printed papers and boost productivity by quickly converting printed documents into digital files.

Conclusion/ Final Words

Wondershare PDFelement is the most suitable solution if you frequently use PDF documents and are looking for the best PDF solution for OCR PDF, editing documents, conversion, and numerous intriguing features to PDF documents.

Would you like to try out this PDF solution? You can use the official link provided to learn more and to download Wondershare PDFelement for free on any of your devices. Numerous standard functions are available for a free trial by users.

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