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Your Guide to Somerset Mews


Present in the peaceful address of JVC, Somerset Mews is a residential district that presents urban homes to reside in. The venture is settled in a prime address of JVC and is near the Dubai hotspots. One can find 4 bedroom townhouses and villas here, with upscale finishing and sophisticated interiors.

This Community embodies a healthy lifestyle by offering sufficient outdoor spaces and commodious configurations. The price of Somerset Mews JVC townhouses for sale is AED 2.5 million for townhouses and AED 2 million for villas. These units determine ventilated and bright spaces.

6 bathrooms, a maid’s room, and a contemporary fitted kitchen are offered. All living spaces come with floor-to-ceiling windows. Some units also include private elevators. The floor plan of these modern abodes vary from 2,400 square feet to 5,300 square  feet.

Purchasing townhouses is a wise decision for investors and inhabitants. Somerset Mews is a component of Jumeirah Village Circle. In this blog, we will share everything offered by this prestigious district, so that you can make a decision to move here.

Nearby Areas

Somerset Mews is close to lots of landmarks, like Arezzo 1, Le Grand Château, and Fortunato. Inhabitants can easily reach different addresses. Some of the nearby locations are Motor City, Al Barsha, and Dubai Sports City.

At the southern side, Somerset Mews is near the verdant neighborhood called Dubai Sports City, where abundant sports academies are available. The other two localities are 10 minutes away.


Shopping Malls

Plenty of shopping malls are located nearby, like City Centre Me’aisem, The Springs Souk, and Circle Mall. Circle Mall is within JVC, and this complex is spread across 400 square feet. Various dining options, multiscreen cinema, 2 department stores, and Spinney’s are the highlights of this hub.

City Centre Me’aisem is a wholesome entertainment and lifestyle complex, at 12 minutes away. It boasts plenty of restaurants and retail stores. City Centre Me’aisem is home to a popular entertainment venue called Magic Planet, a famed sportswear brand called Sun & Sports, Carrefour, and a unisex clothing brand known as H&M.


Another perk of living in Somerset Mews is that it’s in the vicinity of famed restaurants of JVC. A few options include Al Karya Bakery, Pide Keyfi, Sticky Rice, Socialicious, Pinza, and Pulcinella Restaurant.

Pide Keyfi is a delightful Turkish eatery where you can indulge in tasty appetizers like hummus and cigarette borek. Their highlight is Four Seasons Turkish pizza.

Socialicious is 7 minutes away and features tasteful Asian cuisine. The aesthetic spot is popular for their charming ambii. To taste sumptuous Italian cuisine, Pulcinella Restaurant is only 10 minutes away.


There is no shortage of beaches in the vicinity of Somerset Mews. Most of the city beaches are 15 minutes away. Recognized by the white sand and clean water, Al Sufouh Beach is the nearest coastal destination. This venue is ideal for family picnics and a quirky beachside escape.

It offers views of Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah. Jumeirah Beach Residence is another nearby option, where the traditional camel rides, watersports, and beachfront dining are the reasons why it gets so many visitors.

Significant Landmarks and Leisure Activities

Leisure spots in the vicinity are – Dubai Autodrome, Dubai Marina Yacht Club, and The Els Club. Various yacht cruises can be observed in Dubai Marina. The outstanding yachts guarantee an extraordinary boating experience on shiny water.

It expands unparalleled views of the skyline and tours around the significant landmarks. Swimming or snorkeling are additional activities that the region offers.

The Els Club is a golfing hotspot in Dubai Sports City, which is 10 minutes away. Covering 67,000 square feet, it displays 4 sets of trees around a lavish 18-hole golf course. This venue comes with top-tier facilities, like locker rooms, member’s lounge, and some restaurants. For relaxation, consider the jacuzzi or sauna.


Plenty of supermarkets exist near Somerset Mews. This means that residents don’t have to travel far to shop for basic necessities. BROZ Grocery and All Day Supermarket are both 7 minutes away , whereas Jyothi Supermarket is situated in the adjacent building.

But for bigger grocery hauls, you can visit Carrefour in Dubai Sports City or Spinney’s beside Reef Residences. Both options are a few minutes away.

Educational Institutions

Having a school near your house is nothing short of a blessing. It eliminates the worry about commuting, particularly in the summer. Luckily, Jumeirah Village Circle is a fortune establishment in this regard. The nearby nurseries are:

  • The Wonder Years Nursery
  • Kids World Nursery
  • Ladybird Nursery

As for the schools, they include Global Indian International School, Nord Anglia International School, and JSS International School, among many others. JSS International School follows the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education curriculum.

Here, students from foundation to senior secondary education can be enrolled. Their program includes experimental and collaborative learning via engaging sessions.

As for Global Indian International School, it offers IB and CBSE curriculum. Nord Anglia International School is another renowned institute that follows the National Curriculum of England. The school nurtures kids in a healthy yet competitive environment.

And don’t worry, plenty of options exist for higher education. Some nearby universities are Abu Dhabi University, Middlesex University, University of Manchester, and University of Wollongong. All of these are accessible in under 15 minutes.

Healthcare Facilities

Some of the hospitals and clinics near Somerset Mews are – Al Zahra Hospital, Aster Clinic, IMC Medical Center, and Karama Medical Center. These can be reached by walking under 5 minutes.

The IMC Medical Center in Al Barsha is known for offering services in different specializations, particularly personal care and beauty, including anti-aging, beauty and cosmetic surgery. Doctors related to gynaecology, family medicine, and paediatrics are available.

Al Zahra Hospital and Saudi German Hospital are only 10 minutes away. The former includes specialized services in departments of orthopedic, ophthalmology, pathology, and more, with modern equipment and 187 beds.

Outdoor Activities

Jumeirah Village Circle is famous for extensive landscaping. Some nearby parks are Sabar Park, community park beside Haven Villas 1, and another Community park beside JVC petrol station. These are less than 5 minutes on foot. Whether you prefer a stroll along rich greenery or a quick jog, the parks enable complete rejuvenation.

To stay fit, numerous gyms are available. Backyard and Chin Up are situated inside JVC. R Boot Camp conducts fitness sessions in the park opposite to Diamond Views. One can also reach FitRepublik Fitness Center in under 9 minutes.

If you can’t live without spas and salons, consider the following:

  • Better Beauty Salon
  • BerryCut Beauty Salon
  • Dial A Nail

Another option is Elle et II Ladies Salon near Broz Grocery.

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