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Zero Interest EMI Guide


Zero-interest EMI refers to the EMI option with no extra charges involved. This means that you can purchase on an instalment basis by just paying the base amount, i.e, without paying interest. The benefits of EMI are practically unlimited. One of the significant advantages is that many products are made instantly affordable with the EMI option. You don’t have to worry about paying the entire amount in one go and breaking the bank.

Additionally, the repayment options are flexible and you get to decide on the plan according to your subjective preferences and requirements. With this option, you can purchase the product or item of your choice without thinking twice. Let’s take a look at some of the many categories from which you can buy the product of your choice with the EMI option.

  • Mobile on EMI

With the smartphone industry introducing a new model on an extremely frequent basis, the want to update your phone to the latest model, to buy the newest model in the market, will be high.  Now with the mobile on EMI option, you can purchase without any budget constraints holding you back. Xiaomi, Apple, Google, OnePlus, etc. are just some of the many brands whose state-of-art smartphones you can purchase on EMI.

  • Furniture on EMI

If you have been looking to ramp up your home or are relocating, buying new furniture becomes essential. But, sofas, tables, and chairs can be on the slightly high-cost side. The zero-interest EMI option is a life-saver in these cases! Whether it is a sofa, bed, or even a library, you can buy in instalments without the high cost of these furniture pieces constraining you from purchasing.

  • Home Appliances

Refrigerators, microwave ovens, OTG, washing machines, can all get expensive too fast. Home appliances, generally, have a higher rate attached to them. But now with the EMI option, you can divide the cost equally over the span of a couple of months. You can also choose the number of months, giving you the benefit of flexibility of repayment.

  • Electronic Gadgets

The electronics industry right from gaming mouse to tablets to laptops is booming like never before. With the vast and varied market, there exists a plethora of gadgets to fulfil your customised needs and wants. You can choose the gadget of your liking from mega-players like Samsung, ASUS, Dell, and more and buy without thinking twice about the cost.

These are just a few among the myriad of items you can purchase with the brilliant EMI plan. Clothes, decor, and gifts are a few more categories in which you can splurge guilt-free. You can now experience these benefits with ZestMoney EMI and their many retail partners including Myntra, Amazon, Xiaomi, Croma, etc.

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