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3 Iranian influencers with online casinos


Today people in Iran struggle to find the best online casinos due to laws and regulations. Despite the trouble, there are still some casinos where people can go and bet on their favorite sports and casino games for as much as they want.

Online casino sites owned by Iranian influencers

Not all casinos in Iran are trustworthy, which is why you have to scrutinize each one of them before putting your money in them. If you can’t decide which one to use, then here are three Iranian online casinos that are owned by influencers.

  • ABT90 Casino by Sasha Sobhani
  • BetMagic Site by Shadmehr Aghili
  • Betball 90 by Farshid Amir Shaghaghi

ABT90 Casino by Sasha Sobhani

Sasha Sobhani is an Iranian influencer who owns ABT90 betting site. It’s world-famous and widely known for explosion games. Sasha is a luxury gentleman and handles the site pretty well. You can gamble on many sports on the betting site, such as football and others. Apart from that, you can also enjoy playing online casino, or as they call it in Farsi, کازینو آنلاین, on ABT90, including poker, backgammon, passer, and more.

You can also add funds to your betting account by using different payment methods, for example, Perfect Money Voucher, Parsigram Voucher, Direct Portal, Perfect Money Wallet, Bitcoin, and Card to Card. ABT90 further has a community channel on Telegram to let you get all updates from professionals around the world. The minimum withdrawal amount for ABT90 is 50,000 Toman and the maximum bet amount is unlimited. Lastly, you need to charge your account with 1,000 Tomans to start betting on it.

In case you want to enjoy bonuses on ABT90, then you should start following Sasha Sobhani right away. He is always posting about attractive bonuses that you can utilize on the betting site and make profits with them.

BetMagic Site by Shadmehr Aghili

Shadmehr Aghili is a popular singer with a huge following who has made punters turn heads with its amazing betting site offering many functions for a viable online betting experience. BetMagic has been gaining a lot of followers since Shadmehr posted about it on his social media. He first owned the Idol Betting Site, which allows Iranians to bet in a safe environment. The website has provided people with safe charging methods as well, so if you have already tried it out, then you will definitely like BetMagic.

On this new website BetMagic, punters can predict the results of many different sports matches or bet on live and online casinos. The best thing about the site is that it constantly keeps upgrading with new games like بازی انفجار or Crash Game and presents good coefficients as well to help punters win big.

In short, you can take big prizes home if you’re clever enough to predict the outcome of a sports game, but it’s not as easy as it seems. To get started on this site, all you have to do is register for an account through a form and start predicting the future of sports matches.

Betball 90 by Farshid Amir Shaghaghi

Farshid Amir Shaghaghi, also known as Montiego, is a self-made rapper in the world of Persia. He is loved all over Iran for his urban music fans. His popularity increased more when he launched the popular betting site, Betball 90, along with his father.

Thousands of punters are regularly active on the site, resulting in making this betting website 1 to 5 billion Tomans every day. The best thing about this site is that it comes with a user-friendly environment and is very simple to understand for even a beginner.

This betting site started small with just football predictions and one casino game called roulette. Later on, Betball 90 added special facilities along with live prediction of sports and more games such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc.

You can also find a huge casino section on the website, which features games such as explosion games, gammon, poker face, roulette, and more. All you have to do is register for an account on Betball 90 and get started with betting on the site officially. So, are you ready to start betting? Launch Betball 90 and make big profits on the betting site today!


The above-mentioned betting sites are the ones owned by Iranian influencers. All these three sites come with casino games, live betting, sports betting, and more for professional and beginner-level punters. The best thing is all these social media influencers have a good following on their accounts, which is why you can trust them for the work they are doing. Don’t waste any time and head to these betting platforms to check out what they have to offer. Use promotional codes to make the most of your time on these betting sites.

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