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6 Best Resources for Finding Out About New Crypto Projects


The crypto industry has grown considerably over recent years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. There are new and exciting projects released all the time, which makes it difficult to keep track. Information about new crypto projects breaks across several different channels, which we’ll discuss below.

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There are countless blogs dedicated to all things blockchain, and many of them talk about the top play to earn crypto games and other investment-worthy projects.

Even though crypto blogs are excellent ways to keep up with news, they aren’t always the most reliable because developers can pay for posts. Therefore, to make sure you’re reading legitimate information, be sure to verify it through another source, whether it’s an official news site, social media post, or data aggregator.

Social Media

The success of blockchain relies on community support, so there’s no surprise that project news often breaks on social media platforms. In particular, crypto project developers turn to Reddit, Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. If you want to keep your eye on the blockchain project horizon, you should consider registering with all of these platforms.

Breaking News

Information on crypto projects is found in the same way as any other business information – by keeping tabs on current news and affairs. A great way to do this is by setting up alerts for buzzwords like “blockchain”, “Web3” and “Presale”. There are many ways to create news alerts, but we recommend using Google because the majority of online news is indexed here.


Even though we’ve discussed social media platforms, which is what YouTube is these days, we’ve decided to discuss it separately because of the medium. These days, people prefer to consume video content, which is YouTube is so popular. Given the growing interest in cryptocurrency, NFTs, and blockchain games, you’ll find a wealth of information on new and existing blockchain projects with a simple search on YouTube.

Data Aggregators

Data aggregators simply gather information on a given topic, which is cryptocurrency in this case. One of the most well-known data aggregators in the crypto space is CoinMarketCap, which collects information about almost every single cryptocurrency and displays it in text, charts, tables, and graphs.

As well as collecting data on new projects, there’s an active community on the platform, which can lead to new potentially explosive projects.

Crypto Exchanges

Whether you’re looking for a new project to invest in or a game to place, crypto exchanges are one of the most reliable places to find information. For example, if you’re signed up for an account with Coinbase, you can easily view a list of new coins added to the exchange. As well as this, Binance has a section that details new coins to explore.

The blockchain industry is growing rapidly, and it can often be difficult to keep up with new projects. However, if you’re willing to open a few accounts, sign up for news alerts, and spend time cross-referencing information, keeping on top of the crypto world will become a lot easier.

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