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Examples of How Different Bitcoin Bonuses Work


Bitcoin is accepted as a payment mode in multiple online casinos. Some casinos define BTC as their unique selling point. They even offer bonuses measured in Bitcoins. People not experienced with Bitcoin must know how BTC bonuses work and how to withdraw their wins.

Bitcoin offers are similar to regular gaming sites. It includes the same terms & conditions. It is the basic currency that differs. In Bitcoin gambling sites, amounts are offered in BTC. The primary unit applied to measure bonuses is mBTC. Conversion of bets and bonuses is simple. There are myriads of conversion tools available for support.

Bitcoin deals are expressed in millibitcoin [mBTC] which is a lower denomination. The majority of online casinos use mBTC because it is close to pound/dollar/euro. For example, currently 1 mBTC = 20.84 USD, while 1 Bitcoin = 20843 USD. Bitcoin is extremely volatile, so its value fluctuates all the time. Therefore, playing with BTC means you need to check the value before betting or gambling.

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Understand Bitcoin bonuses types

BTC bonuses are similar to regular gambling sites but with a currency twist. Let’s understand each one with an example.

Free spins

Free spins offer a chance to play slots without the concerns of losing your hard-earned money. The free spins win can be kept, but for withdrawing you will need to satisfy the given T&Cs.


  • 30 free spins to win 1mBTC.
  • Currently 1 mBTC = 20.84 USD.
  • After fulfilling T&Cs you withdraw 20.84 USD.

Deposit bonus

When you fund the in-wallet on the gambling site, you receive a specific cash amount.


  • Site offers 100% match on first deposit up to 0.1 BTC [Currently 1 mBTC = 20.84 USD].
  • You deposit 0.01 BTC, so qualify for 208 USD as a bonus.
  • After fulfilling T&Cs you withdraw 0.01 BTC [208 USD].

No deposit bonus

The majority of casinos need clients to deposit a specific amount to receive a bonus. No deposit bonus means you don’t need to fund the account. When you register, your in-wallet is funded with the offered bonus.


  • Get registered.
  • Casino deposits 1mBTC worth of no deposit bonus in your account.
  • After fulfilling T&Cs you can withdraw the winnings along with what remains from the bonus.

Free live casino bet

Several casino sites offer live dealer gaming. It is streamed live from a land-based casino, where blackjack or baccarat games are played. On registration, you will qualify for a deposit or no deposit bonus. After which you receive the free live casino bet. A single free better increases the chance to win back losses, if any.

VIP rewards

Bitcoin casinos offer loyalty programs, where members are given the chance to choose an extra reward. You can expect perks like –

  • Free spins
  • Free bets
  • More deposit bonuses
  • Cashback
  • High deposit limits
  • Dedicated VIP Host
  • High withdrawal limits

Understand the terms and conditions because they differ from one casino to another. Some common terms to get familiar with are playthrough, game restrictions, maximum bet, playthrough time limit, and country restrictions. On Bitcoin casinos, customers play with BTC instead of dollars or euros.

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