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Get to the 2048 tile by adding the numbers together!


Italian web developer Gabriele Cirulli created 2048, a single-player sliding tile puzzle video game that is available at 2048.name. The goal of the game is to assemble numbered tiles on a grid to make a tile with the number 2048, although players can keep playing the game after achieving the objective to create tiles with higher numbers. It was initially created over the course of a weekend using JavaScript and CSS, and it was made available on March 9, 2014, under the terms of the MIT License. In May 2014, versions for iOS and Android were released.

Your destination is 2048! More and more people are playing the well-liked online game. There are four 4×4 squares on the playing field. The square field is decorated with tiny tiles. They are made up of multiples of two. To create new amounts, arrange the tiles one on top of the other. To obtain a tile bearing the number 2048 is the object of the game. If so, you have prevailed in the challenging game! How many times do you need to play through 2048?

This game will make you think critically and is a fantastic opportunity to gauge how strong your capacity for logical thought is. 2048 appears simple at first, but becomes increasingly challenging as you use your tiles to make yourself lose. So keep yourself out of the way as much as possible and learn 2048.

The game 2048 is played on a simple 4×4 grid with sliding numbered tiles that may be moved with the four arrow keys.

Every turn, a brand-new tile with a value of either 2 or 4 randomly appears in a vacant space on the board. Tiles go as far as feasible in the selected direction before being stopped by another tile or the grid’s edge. When two moving tiles with the same number intersect, the combined value of the two colliding tiles becomes the new tile. The resulting tile is not permitted to merge with another tile in the same move once more. The highest possible tile is 131,072, and tiles with higher scores glow softly.

Only the two tiles that are furthest along the direction of motion will combine if a move results in three consecutive tiles of the same value sliding together. A move parallel to that row or column will combine the first two and last two tiles if all four spaces in that row or column are filled with tiles of the same value. The user’s score is displayed on a scoreboard in the upper right corner. Every time two tiles merge, the user’s score is raised by the value of the newly combined tile from zero to one.

When a 2048 valued tile shows up on the board, the game is over. Beyond that, players can keep playing to earn higher points. The game is over when there are no more legal moves left for the player (i.e., there are no more empty spaces or adjacent tiles of the same value).

Strategy game 2048

In 2048, there are several strategies, such as retaining the highest tiles in a particular corner, keeping that tile in that corner, and filling the designated row with the highest numbers.

This 2048 gaming strategy can be divided into a few important components:

  1. Utilize just two directions (as much as possible)
  2. Do not ever raise your tiles.
  3. Keep the tiles neat.
  4. Goal-oriented thinking
  5. aggressively merge horizontally and downwards as necessary

Below, I go into more depth about these procedures and offer some useful advice for upping your game.

Utilize just two directions (as much as possible)

There are four ways to move the tiles. They are left, up, right, and down. With almost no danger, you can move your tiles to the left and down. The tiles will remain at the bottom left corner of the screen as a result.

Then you should reserve moving your tiles right for achieving specific objectives, like combing tiles so they can be moved down later. Although you can shift your tiles to the right, doing so can cause a few problems, such trapping a tile on the left. Prior to advancing to the right, try to fill up the bottom row. I address concerns with trapped tiles below.

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