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Best Traditional Kopitiam Spots in Johor Bahru Malaysia


Kopitiam is a traditional coffee shop that can be found in Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei. You can choose from a variety of breakfast options, such as toast, eggs, butter and kaya (coconut jam).

In a typical traditional kopitiam, beverage stalls are usually run by the owner and sell a variety of cold and hot beverages such as tea, coffee, soft drinks, etc. Kopitiam can also be found in traditional food from different races so that all people from different ethnic backgrounds and dietary habits can dine at the same table.

Kopitiam originates in Hokkien from the language, the term “kopi” refers to coffee, while the word “Tiam” refers to shops. You can find them in almost all areas of the city.

  1. Wee Hoi Kopitiam

Wee Hoi Kopitiam’s menu is believed to represent Gelang Petah food. It is clear. They use fresh, natural ingredients and no preservatives in their dishes. This is why people love to eat at this place. Customers love the soft, fluffy buns made of snow white with a variety of delicious fillings such as meat, preserved greens, and ground fried peanuts.

Each day, the store makes 700 to 1100 buns. However, they will sell out in a matter of hours. There are many people who are busy chatting and sipping coffee every day at 12.30pm. They wait patiently for their buns, and they are killing time. The boss and lady boss were ecstatic when the mini van arrived loaded with blue plastic trays and snowy white buns. First, the job was to bag the buns and deliver them to pre-ordered takeout customers.

Granny, an older relative to Mr Ho, makes the buns. Granny only makes 500 buns on weekdays. Weekends are a bit more. The preserved vegetable bun is a famous Wee Hoi Kopitiam bun. It is filled with moist and not too salty preserved greens, wrapped in a light, fluffy, slightly sweet bun. It had a great bite and mouth feel, with a lively bounce.

Their peanut bun is another famous bun. Their peanut bun is stuffed with generous amounts of well-fried peanuts and a bit of sugar. Wee Hoi Kopitiam has a great selection of buns for you bun lovers.

The kopitiam also offers a great breakfast menu, including traditional sweet and savory kuihs and charcoal grilled butter and toast, half-boiled kampung eggs, and nasi Lemak.

  1. Fang Yuan Kopitiam

Fang Yuan Kopitiam is a well-known and long-standing kopitiam in Johor. It has been around for 60 years. This is the perfect place to grab a cup of coffee made from fried coffee beans. It’s also great for half-cooked eggs and butter coconut roasted bread.

This kopitiam has something special. It offers charcoal grilled toast with a wide variety of spreads, including sweet butter and sugar, sweet butter, mayonnaise, peanut butter, jam, and many other options to satisfy every customer’s needs.

This kopitiam can be described as a modern type, with a cleaner environment. Fang Yuan Kopitiam has extended their lunch and breakfast menus to include local meals. You will love this place to have breakfast, as the aromas of coffee and the aroma of toasted bread will awaken your senses.

  1. Qin Garden Kopitiam

Nasi Padang is a traditional Indonesian dish that has roots in Padang, West Sulawesi. Johor Bahru is home to some of the most delicious (and affordable!) restaurants in Johor Bahru. There are many delicious Nasi Padang restaurants that offer a wide variety of mouthwatering dishes. This charming coffee shop is located just a stones throw from Restoran Kin Wah which is also a Nasi Padang hub. Don’t let the simple facade of a hawker fool you.

Qin Garden Kopitiam’s extensive selection of Nasi Padang dishes will make it difficult to choose. Kupang (mussels fried in chilli and spices), Beef Rendang and Assam Pedas Fish are some of the most popular.

Qin Garden Kopitiam’s success is due to the dedication of Mr Adam Soroso, a Surabaya native and chef. His regulars can attest that he has run this business for nearly 30 years and have enjoyed a wide variety of delicious dishes.

For an extra kick, add some homemade sambal! Qin Garden Kopitiam offers a great option for tasty, cheap Nasi Padang. There are many delicious dishes here, and you won’t feel like you’re sweating while you savour them.

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