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How To Build A Marketing Campaign That Commuters Will Notice


It is an interesting fact that the majority of people who live around cities or commute will see about 500 adverts per day, usually placed at train stations, bus stations, on billboards, and on public transport.

So, if you are looking to target those who commute to work, approximately 76% of people, then you will need a marketing campaign that will really stand out.

With that in mind, how can you design a campaign that is relevant to commuters, will engage them, and, more importantly, how do you create a campaign that they will notice? Here is a quick guide!

Get Professional Help

OK, first and foremost, consider where your advertisement will be placed; will it be next to a railway, where trains are likely to stop near a station? Or will it be on a highway?

In the first instance, you will need specialist help to design an advertisement that will be impactful in the period of time that the average commuter will see it. So, in order to tick that box, you will need to look into railway marketing services. If you are opting for a highway advertisement, you must contact a group that specializes in highway billboard advertisements.

Be Bold

This sounds obvious, but in practice, it is quite hard.

Your advertising campaign will need to have bright colors and bold visuals, and you must be happy for it to be linked to your brand for the foreseeable future. So, don’t try and create an advert with immense shock value, as this will likely cause backlash and a loss of money. Remember, it is going to be aimed at railway commuters, and it will need to appeal to as wide of a group as possible. So be bold but not shocking.

Or why not go in the other direction? Many advertisements and marketing campaigns have created bold visuals, not using color at all, and have gone with a noir theme of black and white images. Given the right contrast and boldness of black and white, this color palette (or lack of one) can certainly attract attention from people walking by!

Back It Up Online

Many successful advertising campaigns are replicated online, usually on a company’s website, so you will need to have a replica of the railway advert placed online.

In fact, it can be worth investing in a QR code icon so commuters don’t have to waste their time typing in the website address. This will ensure that more people visit the website and engage in the campaign or purchase the product that is being shown.

Animate It

In London and New York, the subway and underground are becoming animated.

Indeed, there are now smaller advertisements that move placed next to the escalators, which can really attract the attention of the commuters simply because they are moving!

Of course, costs for this kind of advertisement will vary based on where you want to have them placed and how many you want, as well as the design, but they will certainly stand out!

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