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How to match a rug to the interior: useful tips


The living room is the calling card of any home. This is where we meet guests and spend evenings in the family circle. So, it is very important to create comfort and warmth in this room. And what could be cozier than a soft and pleasant carpet underfoot? With it, any living room becomes cozy and harmonious. But it is difficult to determine in a variety of options for carpets, their designs, colors, materials and sizes. We will help you figure out what is the best carpet to put on the floor in the living room.

A word of warning beforehand – for your carpet to last a long time, it needs regular care. It is important to choose the right care and professionals, for example, Spokane  Carpet Cleaning. With the help of professional techniques and safe means a team of specialists will perform proper care for any type of carpet. Hire professional Commercial Cleaning in Sydney & NSW.

How to choose the color of the carpet in the living room?

For most rugs, of course, color is very important. For a bright living room with south-facing windows, rugs in a cool color scheme are appropriate. If the room is dark, on the contrary, it can be warmed up by the carpet in warm colors. An undeniable advantage of monochrome rugs is that they can accentuate the color and shape of the furniture.

An important point when choosing a rug for the living room is its compatibility with other decorative elements of the room: curtains, cushions, paintings. Choose the color of the product so that together with other accessories it forms a harmonious ensemble. Carpet can act as a main accent, setting the tone for the entire living room. Bright, catchy product will attract attention and dilute the dull and faded interior. A carpet of light colors will look great on a dark living room floor, as well as with bulky furniture. And vice versa, a delicious chocolate color will suit a beige interior.

What should be the pile length of a living room rug?

How to match a rug to the interior useful tips1

Carpet in the living room should be presentable, but also practical and durable. The best solution would be a dense carpet with a pile of medium length of wool or quality synthetic. Maximum comfort is brought by a carpet with a long pile, which is incredibly pleasant to walk on, and lay and play. But such a carpet requires more thorough and delicate cleaning, so it is not recommended for interiors with high traffic, as well as for pets. If you prefer easy maintenance, but want to step barefoot on a soft surface, a lint-free chenille rug is the best solution!

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