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How to record Apple Music!


Apple Music is a music streaming service that can be enjoyed for JPY 1,080 per month. It features lossless music and is compatible with Apple products.Apple Music can be recorded using conversion and recording software, but problems such as no sound or degraded sound quality can occur. To solve such problems, downloading with MusicFab Apple Music conversion software is recommended.

Many people may be exploring ways to record Apple Music, as it does not have a DRM-free option and can only be played offline through the app or desktop application. However, it is important to note that recording Apple Music comes with drawbacks such as audio quality degradation, limited options for screen recording, and time-consuming processes. In this article, we will introduce methods for recording Apple Music and also recommend download software that can help mitigate these drawbacks.

How to record Apple Music

Method Type Loss of Sound Quality Processing Speed Using Download Software Download None Fast Using Conversion Software Recording + Conversion Possible loss of sound quality Normal Using Recording Software Recording Possible loss of sound quality Recording speed = Song speed Using Extension Recording Possible loss of sound quality Recording speed = Song speed

In general, recording is based on the speed of the song equals the recording time.In the case of conversion software, recording can be done regardless of the speed of the song as it records from a virtual drive, but it is not as fast as downloading.

For downloading, it is not only fast, but also less likely to cause loss of sound quality, making it recommended for those who prioritize sound quality. 

Let’s also compare the merits and demerits of each method.  

Method Merits Demerits Using Download Software – Lossless download available – High processing speed – Can download in bulk None in particular Using Conversion Software – Many options available in the market – Possibility of sound quality degradation – Slow processing speed – Low success rate   Using Recording Software – Can be used for purposes other than Apple Music – Possibility of sound quality degradation – Processing speed = Playback speed – Weak copy protection bypass capability   Using Extension – No need to install software – Can be used for free – Saves screen as it is a recording program  

Use MusicFab Apple Music converter software

If you want to save Apple Music in high quality and quickly, it is recommended to use a download software like MusicFab Apple Music Converter instead of a recording software. Existing Apple Music conversion software available in the market record the audio of Apple Music and convert it into formats like apple music mp3 変換 or WAV.

However, one downside of recording is that it inevitably leads to a degradation in sound quality.

So, I recommend resolving this issue by using a third-party software like MusicFab Apple Music Converter. It is a premier Apple Music download software equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Through its proprietary technology, it enables lossless downloads of Apple Music, surpassing the sound quality of other competitors by a significant margin.


– Able to download a song within seconds  – 99% success rate in downloads  – Features are top-notch

MusicFab Apple Music Converter has a browser-based UI, allowing you to download music by following the usual steps of playing Apple Music through your browser. MusicFab is a sister brand of a reputable software company with over 20 years of development experience. This software incorporates advanced technology accumulated over the years. Being a download software, it ensures superior sound quality and speedy processing compared to conventional recording software.

Using Apple Music conversion software

You can use Apple Music conversion software to record and convert Apple Music. Examples of such conversion software include TunePat Apple Music Converter, NoteBurner Apple Music Converter, and Sidify Apple Music Converter.

These conversion software can bypass the copy protection of Apple Music and allow you to record and convert the music. However, there are some disadvantages such as potential loss of audio quality, slower conversion speed, and the possibility of conversion failures.

Use Apple Music-compatible recording software.

There are a few recording software options available that are compatible with Apple Music, such as Audials and AudiCable. These software can bypass the copy protection implemented by Apple Music, allowing users to record and save its content.

However, it is important to note that these software come with some downsides. The recording speed is equal to the playback speed of the songs, and there is a possibility of audio quality degradation. Additionally, these software may not be capable of saving multiple tracks together. It is also worth mentioning that the free versions may have limitations, and upgrading to the paid versions might be necessary for full recording capabilities.

Using GoogleChrome extensions.

It is possible to record Apple Music using extensions for capturing in Google Chrome. When I personally tried it, I was able to record Apple Music using Awesome Screenshot and Screencastify.

By the way, the audio was captured properly, but there was a slight distortion or blurriness in the sound. However, these tools are primarily meant for screen recording, so they will also save the visuals along with the audio. Additionally, you cannot specify a recording area, so you can only record the entire browser tab.

Can Apple Music be recorded on iPhone and Android?

Testing with iPhone screen recording

In iPhone screen recording, including iOS 15, it was found that Apple Music cannot be recorded. When recording starts, the music stops, and when recording is stopped, the music resumes, making it impossible to capture any audio.

Additionally, there is a theory that screen recording can be enabled or disabled through the control center on iPhone, but this method also did not allow for recording when the author tested it.

Testing with Android screen recorder

With Android screen recording, it was possible to record Apple Music. Since it is a screen recording, the video is recorded along with the audio. The recorded file is saved as an MP4 file in the file app.


In this article, we explained the method of recording Apple Music. Although there are few available tools, it is possible to record Apple Music. On the other hand, recording takes time and the quality may deteriorate due to slow processing if there are a large number of recordings. Especially since Apple Music is one of the few music streaming services that support lossless audio, it is recommended to download it using the MusicFab Apple Music Converter instead of recording in order to maintain its high sound quality. If you want to learn about spotify ダウンロード, you can read this article.

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