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Nike Products the ultimate companions of fashion


Forty-eight percent of people in the United States and 31 percent of people worldwide wear Nike shoes. For this reason, athletic shoe stores are more likely than not to put that brand on their front doors because it’s so well-known People can figure out the relationship between supply and demand very quickly.

How did Nike become the most popular shoe in the world? And how has the company been able to stay at the top for so long?

Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman started Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964, and they did it with the help of a lot of money. The company changed its name to Nike in 1985. Nike now sells everything from shoes to clothes. Bowerman helped Knight run better in college. Every member of Bowerman’s team had to wear running shoes that made them more comfortable during their runs. His business began to thrive only when he joined forces with Knight and imported Japanese shoes from Japan. They came up with the “waffle” pattern only after making their own lighter training shoe in 1971, and only then did they think of the pattern. Nike has had a new name since 1978 in honor of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. Nike was way ahead of the rest as far as athletic shoe brands go. Shoes made by Nike are the most popular footwear choice right now.

Those who take the necessary steps.

People began to run and jog for fun in the 1970s, and Nike took advantage of this by making running shoes.

Athletes were used to showing off the shoes, which they did at first. The company agreed to pay him $5,000 in 1974. Nike’s athletic brand got better because of how bold he was and how much he did. In the 1980s, Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning, two other well-known athletes, took over for him. They were worn by Serena Williams, as well.

In Nike’s Air Max basketball cleats, Max Air is used to make the shoes.

Thanks to Spike Lee’s Nike ads and shoes with Michael Jordan, the company became famous in the entertainment business.

Hip-hop and rap music made fun of Nike shoes. Air Force One, a song by Nelly, was the first one. It came out in 1982. Nike and Kanye West first worked together in 2007. Then Kanye left Yeezy to join Adidas, and people were shocked.

On the marketing side of things for Nike, there are many options. With athletes and celebrities and teams and events, they have a lot of clients to choose from, so they have a lot to choose from Only In CNN, they say Nike spends more money on sports sponsorships than any other company’s true. When Nike does things like this, it is more likely that their customers will think that wearing their shoes will improve their lives. Make people happy, which is the first thing you learn about marketing in class. Nike’s ad does this well.

People can now buy Nike shoes for a wide range of sports and activities, from baseball and basketball to cheerleading and cycling to golf and lacrosse to jogging, softball, and tennis, as well as many other sports and activities. Nike also sells shoes for sports like volleyball and yoga, so it’s not just about fashion, as some people think. The sport you play doesn’t matter. People who work for Nike want you to buy their products, even if you don’t like them.


Nike is always looking for new ways to help athletes perform better because the company is competing with other businesses. Knits and other light fabrics, foam cushioning, and more sturdy support are all critical for Nike Air shoes to perform at their best.

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