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Tips For Choosing Your Nursing Laptop


Before you buy a laptop for your nursing studies, read the following tips and advice to help you get the best product. It is too easy to get inundated with choice given how many laptops are available, so you need to think about what you need from your laptop with regards to your nursing needs. Read on to find out what to consider.

Battery Capacity

How long a battery lasts varies from laptop to laptop. Some can last for twelve hours, but the average is between four and six. You might need a battery that can last you longer than an hour if you are moving from place to place, or trying to fit in studying between placement breaks. There isn’t always the option to plug into a charging source, so finding a battery that can pass the test of time is up there on the list of tick boxes. Ideally, you want something at the top end of the scale, around eight hours or more. This will give you peace of mind that, on a full charge, your laptop won’t shut down unexpectedly causing unnecessary stress and lost work.

Processing Power

The better the processing power, the better the laptop experience. Of course, you don’t need a top end full power processor, but you do need something that can run without glitches so that you can study and read uninterrupted. Processing power is also scaffolded by RAM, i.e. laptop memory which also dictates the loading speed and potential for lag. Look for a laptop that has at least 8GB. Anything up to 16 GB will more than do the job you need it to do.

Screen Type

There are a lot of hybrid screen options out there to pick from. This means you can flip the screen round and use the laptop as you would a tablet. What’s the advantage of this? It can make reading through your notes and mandated course materials more bearable and comfortable. It is also easier on the eyes when you can move the screen to your optimal viewing position without the keyboard interfering. Which size screen you choose is also an important decision. As a nursing student, you’re probably going to want a substantial screen over a smaller model as you must look at the laptop a lot and you don’t need squinting, tired eyes slowing you down.

Where To Look

Start by browsing through the range of Lenovo nursing laptops. Lenovo has taken many different things into consideration when recommending these products for nurses and nursing students. They have a good range with affordable options and more expensive ones too, depending on where you land. They also provide a versatile range of functions, RAM, and screen sizes for you to pick from. Trusted, established companies like Lenovo are always a reliable marketplace.

Whichever laptop you go with, make sure it meets your basic needs. Nursing is a tiring and demanding profession and your laptop needs to be up to the challenge.

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