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Top 5 Football Prediction Apps for iOS


As Football is the most popular game globally, there is massive use of sports betting in football matches. The bettors need a strong prediction to win a wager. And for that needs a perfect guide, and statistics are essential to make a strategy to play for the long term. To enhance your betting skills and gather information related to the game, we have mentioned the top five best football prediction apps for iOS.

Sports betting needs perfect planning and a strong prediction of odds. Blindly Betting can cause a great loss in your pocket. You need correct bookmakers and accurate statistics to avoid losses to move further. Here are some of the best mobile applications for Apple device users to predict the football match and place a safe bet. But if you are a fan of more traditional approach, you can check the latest livescore data from buaksib.com to predict the score. But you might need a good Thai VPN to access this site.

Top 5 Best Football Prediction Apps for iOS Users in 2022

1) GoalsNow

GoalsNow is the place where you can find the best predictions data and betting tips for the ongoing and upcoming matches. It is a United Kingdom-based app that contains 4 stars out of 5 in the App Store. It gives an option to select the bookmaker for the best odds.

It covers matches of various leagues and tournaments around the world. Forecast all the related data of the current matches on your phone. Apart from that, it contains expert tips to guide you in placing a bet. These all features make it a reliable app among the users and help gamble by taking a safe side.

2) Betclan

The home of the best prediction and expert tips, Betclan is one of the best apps to make your prediction level strong. It has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5, making it an ideal application for Android & iOS users.

It is loaded with amazing features like free daily prediction, tips, and statistics on all the league matches. The finest bookmakers offer a guaranteed best odds and head-to-head compressions of the rival teams. Betclan can show real-time scores of over 1000 soccer leagues and stream live matches on your phone. This app is available free on the Apple store and accessed by millions of bettors from different countries.

3) Overlyzer

Overlyzer is a dynamic app for soccer prediction available in the App Store to install on iOS. This app consists of 800+ leagues and operates in 120+ countries globally. This is the most trusted app among the users holding 4 stars rating out of 5 in the App Store. It shows the real-time score with a live graph. It is loaded with a filter that allows you to keep track of all the games you are interested in.

Overlyzer forecasts all the football tournaments that are organized on an international level. The additional features are an over/under tool for new players and want to kick-start their betting careers. It uses a complex mathematical algorithm to show the probabilities of ‘overs’ and ‘under’.

The next feature of Overlyzer is ‘Live Statistics’, which offers comprehensive virtual stats of every game worldwide. It helps to predict the game more accurately. And last but not least is the ‘Individual Filter Option’ that allows you to preserve previous records and access them whenever needed.

4) BetsWall

Bets Wall is the world’s first football betting tips app available free on the Apple Store. It has a prediction level with 84% accuracy made by the artificial intelligence developed inbuilt within it. It delivers all the possible predictions a few hours before the match starts.

Bets Wall is loaded with all football and basketball support that contains various tools to increase your success rate and guide you to bet strategically. It is the first social media betting platform where over 1 million users share their gambling tips and learn more tricks from other bettors.

You can find all the league matches and tournaments, Football, and a chance to explore tips from the bettors before the match starts. It has a 4.6 rating on the App Store, making it the best app for sports prediction in Football. Due to its unique features, currently, many users are enrolled in BetsWall.

5) Prediction Football

It is one of the top football prediction apps that forecasts all the necessary information of the ongoing matches. It comprises more than 400 leagues over 10 sports other than Football. The iOS app, with an accurate channel of statistics, results, and live scores, provides prediction tips with a high accuracy rate.

It is loaded with some exciting features like it shows the percentage of wins and losses, average goals per game, and reports daily statistics of the game. In addition, Prediction Football shows the real-time score, contains all dates and times of the next match, and can be translated the information into several languages as well.

Sports Betting FAQs

What is Sports Betting?

Betting is putting money behind the outcome of the match and getting paid when your prediction is found correct. If you bet on the winning team, then it is called a Moneyline bet, and if you predict the win and loss of the team by a certain amount of points, it is called a spread bet.

Is Football betting gambling?

Sports betting is the process in which the players predict to place the wager. And any type of wager where money is involved is considered gambling in several countries. In this regard, we can say that football betting is gambling.

Are Sports betting a crime?

Sportsbooks and bookies not having a proper license to run the business is considered a crime. And if a person who bets through this type of bookie is found equally guilty of the crime.


Sports betting is getting famous in this era, and people are applying different techniques as a shortcut to win. But there is no shortcut to gambling, and you have to improve your skill for better prediction. Above, we have mentioned the best prediction apps for iOS to improve your sports betting skills. These apps can help you to some extent, but the real decision is to be taken by you. These football prediction iOS apps may improve your decision-making process but remember one thing; gambling is always a risky task. You need to open your mind and eye while betting and follow all the required strategies.

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