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24Betting Live betting: features and benefits


Live sports betting is one of the favorite activities of professional bettors. They allow you to quickly earn money since you can make several bets within the same match. In real-time, the odds of some outcomes increase compared to the pre-match, which also makes it possible to earn more on one match. 24Betting live offers its customers a wide range of live bets with attractive odds. therefore, many bettors from India take advantage of this bookmaker’s offer with great pleasure.

How to bet in a match

Online betting takes place in the “Live” section:

  1. Select a match.
  2. Open a detailed description of the event and click on the coefficient of the outcome of interest. The selected event will appear in the cart or coupon.
  3. Specify the bet amount and confirm the bet.

In case of a change in the outcome quote, you can set up an instruction for the bookmaker in your account:

  • accept a bet only with an increase;
  • accept any changes;
  • do not accept bets with changed odds.

It is convenient to play online in the 24 Betting mobile application due to the high line update speed and the One-Click Betting feature.

How the odds change in live

Sharp changes in odds in the live line are affected by match events:

  • goal scored;
  • removal of a player;
  • getting injured by an athlete and so on.

Scouts of the bookmaker’s office monitor the dynamics of the fight and increase or decrease the odds.

Sports for live betting

You can place bets in live mode in disciplines in which the competition consists of scoring segments, for example:

  • tennis;
  • volleyball;
  • baseball;
  • football;
  • hockey;
  • basketball;
  • eSports;

In football, basketball, and hockey, they bet on intervals of 5-10 minutes, in e-sports – on separate cards, and rounds.

Advantages and disadvantages of live betting

Benefits of live sports betting:

  • quick earnings;
  • the ability to bet on an event with high odds;
  • additional analysis due to video broadcasts and statistics;
  • variability of strategies.

Among the obvious disadvantages of this type of bet are the following:

  • increased excitement is the reason for impulsive bets;
  • high margin compared to the pre-match line;
  • reduced limits on the amount of the bet.

Bookmakers set different options for odds and limits in Live. However, by visiting the bookmaker’s office 24 Betting, bettors from India will be able to note that the sports betting site offers very good conditions for this type of bet.

In-Play Tips

Recommendations for playing on live bets:

  • Low odds are not a guarantee of an increased chance of passing a bet; it is more efficient to play with high quotes.
  • Betting on keeping the score of the final stage of the match is a mistake since most of the scoring takes place before the final whistle.
  • A fork or bet on a situation that the bookmaker mistakenly lined up may be voided.
  • Planning for the upcoming game day and tracking the analyzed meetings will increase the likelihood of success and readiness for any scenario in the game.

Such simple but effective tips will help every bettor from India to successfully bet on sports in real-time on the website of the bookmaker’s office 24 Betting.

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