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A complete Guide to Finding Your Lingerie Size


It has been found that the major section of women wears the wrong sized bra. Let us try to delve deeper into why this happens. The most common problem is not checking your size every time you go shopping for lingerie. Lingerie sizing can be totally overwhelming but finding the right band sizes and cup sizes is a real problem. If you have ever been confused by the lingerie size charts you see in stores, we got you covered! Understanding a lingerie size chart is important to find the perfect size that is right for you. With this handy measuring guide, you are sure to know how to work your way around the right lingerie size chart, as well as find your ideal size.

So ladies, do you need help finding the right lingerie size? You are not alone. Every woman faces this problem on a daily basis. Follow these steps to get your lingerie game on point:

  1. Bra size guide –

To measure your band size, wrap a tape snugly under your bust. Wrap the tape around the fullest part of your bust to measure your cup size. If the number in centimetre is not a whole number, then round it to the nearest whole number. Now that you have your two numbers, refer to a bra size chart. Check your band size first and you will find the corresponding cup size and underband size.

  1. Bra size chart

The size chart differs from one brand to the other. The bra underwire should never rest on the breast tissue.

The underwire and centre should rest firmly on the chest. You need both the cup size and the band size to measure the perfect size from the chart. Bra size changes every six months, so if you have not measured yourself for a year or more, your size may have changed.

  1. Bra size calculator

Always remember that measurements can only be used as a guide to finding your correct size. Cup shapes and sizes may vary, depending on your bra style.

It is best to try different styles and sizes to find the best fit. As you have your size number with you, match this to your cup size chart to determine cup size.

  1. Panty size chart –

Panties are supposed to keep you at ease and not make you conscious or uncomfortable all the time. But if your underpants don’t fit right, you know it is going to be a miserable day. Wearing the wrong panty can lead to one of the most distracting situations to suffer the whole day. Know your panty size with a proper panty size chart and get done with these uncomfortable moments once and for all. The chart and number differ from person to person.

  1. How to measure panty size –

Now with the help of a panty size guide, you can find the fullest part of your hips, below your natural waistline that depends on your height. You need to wrap the measuring tape snugly around your hip, which will be your hip measurement. Bend at sides, the area where your body indents are your natural waist. Wrap the measuring tape around your natural waistline. Measure around 5 cm below your natural waist, where the waistband of your trousers usually sits. This is your waist size. Now, match these numbers with a panty size chart.

Tip: If your size falls somewhere in between two sizes, always go for the larger size.

Let us measure

When you fall in love, you know. Right? Similarly, when you find the right bra with the bra size guide, your breasts will be happy as they know where it should be and how they should look. Also, you must feel lifted and supported, with obviously no pain at all. You know how when something doesn’t feel quite right, it is really uncomfortable. But when the fit is fab, you won’t have to think about your lingerie size at all. You will feel contained, comfortable, and confident all day long. The perfect lingerie will free you to handle anything. That’s why LotusLeaf doesn’t want you to settle for anything for something you are not worth enough. Follow our guide and you are perfectly good to go and rock your day like a diva!

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