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Attacking Positioning Updates In FIFA 23


FIFA 23 brings changes to attacking positioning to make attacks more diverse. The ball control mechanic has received updates too.

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FIFA 23 Attacking Positioning Changes

The double teammate support calls more than one footballer to support the ball. Press R1 or RB twice to request this option. The deep lying is a new player instruction. This works with center defending midfielders only. Players in this position will consistently request the ball and move closer to the players that have the ball. Players in FIFA 23 will have better offside awareness. You will notice that the footballers hold their runs and will not drift aside anymore. In case of a breakaway, the footballers will stay behind the player with the ball. Footballers that are marked closely can make space from defenders if they change the run direction. It takes at least 85 in the positioning stat to achieve this. Footballers that have the target man instruction will attempt to back into defenders when they are in the box. This also happens if players have at least 85 strength. This action is useful to roll off the defender after you get the ball or do a lay-off pass to a teammate. The tactical AI has been updated. Players will not remain stationary for too long anymore. There is also more variety in moving. The player with the ball will get more support when he is in the opposing box. Another crucial FIFA 23 mechanic, ball control, is on this year’s update list. New features and improvements make the game more fluid. Strong footballers that have the ball can get in the defender’s way and make a larger displacement on weaker players. You can let the ball run when the left stick is 180 degrees during ground ball and the footballer is not near the byline. If you hold the left stick backward when you shield the ball, the footballer will try to push the player behind them using their body. We have dozens of new animations for consistent slide traps. These will prevent the ball from being out of play. Hundreds of new animations that also include slide and shield traps are part of the new game. Animations for multi-touch and composed ball control are on the table as well.

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