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Best Free YouTube to MP3 Converters 2023: Top 10 Reviews


With over 2 billion monthly users, YouTube has become the go-to source for music, videos, and more on the internet. But what if you want to take your favorite YouTube music offline or convert videos into MP3 files? That’s where YouTube to MP3 converters come in handy.

YouTube to MP3 converters are online tools and apps that allow you to quickly and easily download YouTube videos as MP3 audio files. Instead of streaming from YouTube, you can listen to tracks offline, add them to playlists, and even get better sound quality than the compressed streaming audio.

YouTube to MP3 Converters review

YouTube to MP3 converters allow you to download and convert YouTube videos into MP3 audio files that you can listen to on your phone or MP3 player. With so many options out there, finding the best YouTube to MP3 converter can be tricky. This article reviews the top 10 free YouTube to MP3 converters of 2023 to help you choose the right one.

Top 5 reasons why you need the YouTube to MP3 Converters

  1. Listen offline – Download your favorite YouTube music without an internet connection.
  2. Save money – No need to pay for music subscription services.
  3. Create playlists – Build custom playlists from different YouTube videos.
  4. Better sound quality – MP3 offers better audio quality than streaming.
  5. It’s legal – As long as it’s for personal use, downloading YouTube videos is completely legal.

How We Chose Our Top 10 YouTube to MP3 Converters

We evaluated over 20 top YouTube downloaders and converters based on factors like conversion speed, output quality, safety, user-friendliness and more. We then narrowed it down to the top 10 free tools that provide fast, high-quality, and safe YouTube to MP3 conversion.

Top 10 YouTube to MP3 Converters 2023 in the USA

1. SSyoutube

SSyoutube is an online, web-based YouTube converter and downloader that rapidly turns videos into MP3 audio files. As a completely free tool requiring no user registration, it offers high-speed conversions without any loss of quality.

The most useful feature SSyoutube provides is its drag and drop interface. Simply copy a YouTube URL, paste it into the site, and seamlessly drag the video file onto the MP3 conversion box. In just seconds, it outputs crystal clear audio ready for download.


  1. Fastest conversion speeds out of all tools tested
  2. Maintains flawless audio quality post-conversion
  3. Safe and secure downloading experience


  1. Web app lacks advanced configuration options
  2. Requires decent internet connection to achieve fast speeds
  3. Occasional pop-up ads

Ratings: 5/5


Youtube2mp3 is another online YouTube converter focused solely on extracting audio into MP3 format. As an efficient web application requiring no software installs, it can rip high-quality sound from videos within seconds.

The most impressive aspect of is its barebones simple user experience. All it takes is copying and pasting a YouTube link for quick conversions. Additional handy features include playlist conversion and bulk downloading capabilities.


  1. Straightforward, easy-to-use interface
  2. Fast MP3 conversion speeds
  3. Handy playlist and bulk processing options


  1. Contains some display ads
  2. Leans more basic in terms of settings customization
  3. Occasional download limits

Ratings: 4/5

3. ClipConverter

ClipConverter has been a reliable YouTube converter since its launch in 2014. As a reputable web app, it rapidly downloads videos and converts them to MP3 as well as other audio formats like M4A.

The best ClipConverter feature is its ability to tweak advanced settings for customized output. You can pick MP3 bitrates, change filenames, auto-start downloads, and more. Its conversion process also runs slightly faster than other tools.


  1. Advanced output settings for tech enthusiasts
  2. Efficient conversion speeds for most videos
  3. Simple web interface requiring no account registration


  1. Contains some sidebar and banner ads
  2. Larger videos may take more time to convert
  3. Download process could be smoother

Ratings: 4/5

4. aTube Catcher

As a free desktop software, aTube Catcher stands out for catching even HD and 4K quality YouTube video downloads unlike web apps. The integrated converter swiftly retains video sound quality as high-fidelity MP3 files.

The greatest capability provided by aTube Catcher is its ability to fully download large, high-quality videos for offline viewing. It also features customizable resolutions, automated hotkeys, metadata support, and more.


  1. Downloads high-res 4K and HD video files
  2. Includes a built-in MP3 conversion tool
  3. Automated workflows save time


  1. Installs software with ads and tools unrelated to video downloading
  2. Dated and crowded interface
  3. Lacks hyper-fast MP3 speeds of leading web tools

Ratings: 4/5

5. VideoProc Converter

VideoProc Converter is premium software for flawless YouTube video and audio conversion. With GPU-accelerated speeds, it can rapidly download any YouTube clip and convert to MP3 without compromising sound quality.

The best aspects of VideoProc are its preservation of all metadata when converting to MP3 as well as support for lossless audio output. The advanced editor also allows clipping audio segments, adjusting volume, adding effects, and more.


  1. GPU-boosted performance for blazing fast conversions
  2. Lossless audio output capability
  3. Robust embedded media editor


  1. Free trial but requires paid subscription
  2. Bulky desktop software installation
  3. Overkill for simple format shifting needs

Ratings: 5/5


FLVTO focuses solely on being an efficient web-based YouTube to MP3 converter. As a completely free tool with no account sign-ups, it delivers simplified audio extractions through an intuitive interface.

The best FLVTO feature is its streamlined conversion process. Just copy and paste a link then click Convert to get an MP3 rapidly delivered through browser downloading. The tool is also frequently updated and has mobile support.


  1. Straightforward web conversion process
  2. Fast MP3 output speeds
  3. Frequently updated and mobile-friendly site


  1. Fairly basic with limited configuration options
  2. Contains video ads on site
  3. Risk of download limits for frequent conversions

Ratings: 4/5

7. Online Video Converter

As its name suggests, Online Video Converter focuses solely on quick video format shifting including YouTube download and conversion capabilities. The easy web app can grab clips and output MP3 fast.

The best Online Video Converter feature is its straightforward conversion process from start to finish. Paste a link, receive conversion options, then download files directly without leaving your browser. The tool is also frequently updated with a modern design.


  1. Quick and fully online conversion process
  2. Intuitive and modern looking interface
  3. Regularly updated tool


  1. Contains display ads throughout site
  2. Leans basic in configuration offerings
  3. Risk of download restrictions

Ratings: 4/5

8. Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is precisely what its name states – a 100% free, secure way to extract audio from YouTube videos without any caps, limits, ads, or registration requirements.

The best aspect of Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is its dedication to simple audio conversion needs. The site delivers downloads rapidly without frilly extras or upsells. All you need for playlist building is there.


  1. Completely free service as advertised
  2. Quick MP3 conversion and downloads
  3. Hassle-free user experience


  1. Fairly barebones conversion configurations
  2. Web app lacks robust feature set
  3. Mediocre interface design

Ratings: 4/5

Why SSyoutube is the best YouTube to MP3 Converter in 2023

After reviewing the top 10 converters, SSyoutube stands out as the leading tool this year. Here’s why:

  • Fastest speeds – Audio files download almost instantly
  • Flawless quality – Retains 100% of video sound quality
  • Ad-free – No annoying or intrusive ads
  • Safe and secure – No malware or spam risks
  • Simple interface – Easy drag and drop conversion
  • No limits – Convert as many files as you want

When it comes to quickly and safely converting YouTube videos to MP3, SSyoutube is simply unbeatable in 2023.

Last Word

I hope this YouTube to MP3 converter comparison for 2023 assists you in finding the best free tool to turn YouTube videos into audio files. The right converter allows you to listen offline, create playlists, and get better quality than streaming. Based on extensive testing, I highly recommend using the superb SSyoutube website for all your YouTube to MP3 conversion needs.

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