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Causes of a Car Battery Failure



If you own a car, then you most likely know the importance of regular start stop battery maintenance. In order to have your car’s battery last longer, you need to make sure that it is always charged and well-maintained. In this blog post, we will cover some of the ways that owners can avoid getting caught off guard with a dead battery during an emergency.

A battery can die at any time; they’re just not composed in such a way to last forever. They are electrical systems that expand and contract, just like all other mechanical systems. When you use your car, the alternator in it works hard to keep the battery fully charged. If you leave your car unused for more than a week or two, the battery will begin to lose its charge due to poor idling and disuse. When this happens, it can cause an extreme drop in voltage.

The risk of battery failure is real, and you can greatly reduce these risks if you’re conscientious about charging your battery and using it as appropriate. There are some areas that are more prone to this situation than others. 

The Potential Dangers

As you can see, the damage that happens to your battery over time is fairly extensive, so if you don’t take care of your car and charge its battery regularly, the impact on your car could be considerably greater than professional repairs.

1. Submersion

Water, as we all know, is very bad for batteries. There are solutions if you are concerned about being caught in the rain. Many people have been caught out after an unexpected downpour during the cold winter months, and if you have faulty electronics, your battery may be ruined by this action, even if it’s not submerged in water.

2. The Alternator

The alternator is like a battery charger, but it’s built into the car. It’s important to know whether or not your system is charging correctly, and it’s worth checking with an electrician. You may need to replace a wire in your system. A great way to test this is to compare the battery voltage with different gauges. One of these gauges will be marked with a plus and a minus, and you should be able to find these somewhere in your car.

3. Rogue Car Battery Drain

Inspect your start stop battery with an electrical meter and see if there are any drainers on it. That is any gadgets that are sucking the electricity out of them when they should not be. Many cars have electronic fuel injection systems, which take care of all sorts of engine functions. When they are left on, they can drain your battery. This can be a pain, as you cannot see the actual drain; however, it’s worth checking your windows and door locks. Also, check if you have a remote starter in your car. Some people rely on these to keep their batteries charged as well.

If there are any signs that someone has tampered with your battery or hooked up something extra to it, then also consider the possibility that someone may have used it for something else and drained it completely. 

4. Improperly Charged Batteries

If you are fully charged, you have to take into consideration that there is a chance that your start stop battery could be damaged. Many people believe that their battery is fully charged when they need it to be charged, but in reality, they may not be getting the proper amount of charging they need. This can lead to problems with your car’s battery. Always make sure you are getting the right voltage needed for your car.

5. Idling

A car that is left unused for more than a week in a small garage will lose its charge much faster than the engine will run, especially on colder winter days. The remedy for this problem is to properly set your car’s idle speed with a tachometer.


You are probably aware that many battery chargers have a feature that will tell you when your battery’s voltage has reached a certain level. If you don’t have one of these, you can use this method to test it. Your alternator will be taking care of the charging of your car’s start stop battery, but if there is something else running on your car that is drawing more power than that, then your voltages will drop, and the charger will not do anything.

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