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Digital Travellers to Be Able to Visit Resortverse Soon


The global gambling sector is getting more exciting as stakeholders continue to develop exquisite innovations aimed at boosting immersion and entertainment. While the gambling scene in Europe and the Americas is doing well for itself, Asia is giving the regions a run for their money with its constant quest for improving player experiences.

This gaming market is so lucrative that previously anti-gambling Asian countries like Japan have recently jumped into the bandwagon and are working on launching their very own integrated resorts in a few years. For now, however, players in Japan will have to depend on Japan online casino platforms until the world-class integrated casino resorts are open for in-person action.

Speaking of innovations, Macau, China’s famed SAR (Special Administrative Region), has joined the metaverse frenzy with its very own Mini Macau project. Asia Pioneer Entertainment Holdings Limited (APE), based in Macau, has unveiled a metaverse travel and hospitality experience dubbed the ‘Resortverse’ to target digital tourists. As you already know by now, digital tourism is fast growing in popularity after the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to global travel restrictions. So, with the Resortverse, travel restrictions or any other travel-related obstacles won’t be the reason you miss out on experiencing the magnificence of Macau, the world’s most celebrated gambling mecca.

What is the Resortverse and How Does it Work?

The Resortverse is a futuristic travel and hospitality-focused metaverse platform which will unite virtual and real-life travel experiences. Here virtual resort experiences will be based on real-life resort destinations so travelers can get a feel of the real-life resort experience without physical visits.

APE Holdings’ Mini Macau is built on The Sandbox game platform, which has play play-to-earn games integrated. Therefore, the online rewards players earn in the Resortverse can be redeemed into real-life travel tokens. As a result, players can use their online rewards to visit the resorts physically if they ever want to go to Macau in person.

In the Mini Macau metaverse, the virtual land will consist of some of the most famous tourist attractions in the renowned SAR. They include the likes of the Ruins of St Paul’s, Senado Square, Macau Tower, and the Ah Ma Temple – originally released on the gallery of The Sandbox’s Game Maker. In addition, live shops, galleries, monuments, and games will also be available complete with a rewards system.

As we speak, Mini Macau has three local real-life Macau brands: O Junco de 9 Jades Restaurant, Seng Fung Jewellery, and Choi Heong Yuen Bakery. These true-to-life virtual mini shops were constructed in the virtual space to exhibit the sheer teamwork between real retail brands from Macau and developers on the metaverse. On top of that, to show players or digital travelers a good time, the developers have created two exciting skill-based games: ‘Avoid the Tourists’ and ‘Fortune Cookie’ treasure hunt games.

This project targets digital tourists who are unable to travel to resort destinations due to COVID restrictions, but it goes beyond providing an alternative due to travel limitations. Nonetheless, we can all agree that the restrictions really made life boring for globe trotters, and so, Mini Macau is here to inject some life back into your adventurous spirit.

When Will it Be Launched?

It’s worth pointing out that the Mini Macau is only but a prototype that is meant to measure the practicality of the Resortverse. In addition, Mini Macau will also be used to inform the process of picking the best resorts and features that will be included in the final virtual product. As for the debut date, APE Holdings’ Resortverse is expected to go live by the end of 2022.

The Resortverse is indeed going to be a blast of an experience for all parties involved. Besides the fact that tourists will still get to relish all the pomp and glory of Macau even with travel restrictions, the other significant perks of this metaverse resort experience include:

  • Both local and international tourist attractions will be available.
  • Resort owners can interact with digital travelers and even meet them when they get rewards to visit the resorts in person.
  • Digital travelers will be able to familiarize themselves with the resorts virtually before they travel in real life.
  • The urge to visit the real-life resorts might increase after the virtual experience hence increasing the foot traffic of the resort.
  • Virtual resorts could also act as a marketing strategy to draw people to the resorts.
  • The virtual experiences will, directly and indirectly, pump more revenue into the resorts.
  • It will be more cost-effective for travelers to engage in the virtual spaces and may eliminate the need for real-life visits in case of time and/or budget constraints.

So, if you have ever wanted to get a feel of Macau’s exquisite resorts but you’ve never had the chance for one reason or another, here’s your saving grace. The Resortverse offers you instant access to the famed Vegas of the East!

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