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Dua poetry in Urdu 2 lines


Poetry has always been an integral part of the cultural heritage of the Indian subcontinent, especially in Pakistan and India. It reflects the rich diversity of languages and cultures, as well as the emotional and spiritual depth of its people. Urdu poetry, in particular, is renowned for its lyrical beauty, romanticism, and mysticism.

One of the most popular forms of Urdu poetry is dua poetry, which is characterized by its brevity and simplicity. Dua, which means prayer or supplication, is an essential aspect of Islamic faith and is believed to be a means of connecting with Allah, seeking His guidance and blessings, and expressing one’s gratitude and humility.

Dua poetry in Urdu 2 lines is a genre of Urdu poetry that consists of short verses or couplets that express profound emotions and sentiments related to faith, hope, and spirituality. Despite being only two lines long, these poems are incredibly powerful and inspiring and have been a source of comfort and solace for generations of Urdu-speaking people.

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Here are some of the key features of dua poetry in Urdu 2 lines:

  • Simple Language: Dua poetry in Urdu 2 lines is characterized by its simplicity of language, making it easy to understand and relate to. The verses often use common words and phrases, making them accessible to a broad audience.
  • Emotional Depth: Despite their brevity, dua poems often express deep emotions and sentiments related to faith, hope, and spirituality. These emotions may include longing, gratitude, humility, and awe.
  • Mystical Themes: Dua poetry often explores mystical themes related to Islamic spirituality, such as the love of God, the importance of prayer and supplication, and the journey of the soul.
  • Metaphorical Language: Many dua poems use metaphors and symbolism to convey complex ideas and emotions. This adds depth and richness to the verses and makes them more engaging and thought-provoking.
  • Universal Appeal: Although dua poetry in Urdu 2 lines is rooted in Islamic spirituality, its themes and messages are universal and can resonate with people of all faiths and backgrounds.

Here are some examples of dua poetry in Urdu 2 lines:

  • Teri rahmat ka hai bharosa, tu jo nahi toh hamdardi kaun kare?
  • We trust in your mercy, without you, who will show us compassion?
  • Mere Maula, mujhe maaf kar, main tera bandah hoon
  •  My Lord, forgive me, I am your servant
  • Allah se daro, tauba karo, zindagi ka lutf uthao
  • zear Allah, repent, and enjoy the pleasures of life
  • Apni mohabbat ke liye, mera imtehan le lo
  • Test me for my love, O Lord


Rabba mere haal da mehram tu, sadqa mein karaan

O Lord, you are the only one who knows my condition, I give charity in your name:

Dua poetry in Urdu is a type of poetry that consists of two lines and expresses the speaker’s supplication or prayer to God. These two-line poems are also known as “couplets” and are often written in a simple, straightforward style that conveys deep emotions and a profound sense of spiritual longing.

Urdu is a language spoken mainly in Pakistan and India, and it has a rich tradition of poetry that dates back centuries. Dua poetry in Urdu is a significant part of this tradition and is often used in religious and spiritual contexts. These poems can be found in various forms of Urdu literature, such as ghazals, naats, and qawwalis.

The dua poetry in Urdu usually begins with a phrase that invokes God’s name, such as “Ya Allah” or “Ya Rabb.” The speaker then proceeds to express their desire, need, or supplication to God in a concise and eloquent manner. The two-line format of these poems allows the poet to convey a profound sense of emotion and spiritual longing in a brief space.

Dua poetry in Urdu is often recited in gatherings of like-minded individuals, such as at religious events, mosques, and shrines. These poems can also be found in Urdu literature and are often included in collections of spiritual poetry. Many poets have written dua poetry in Urdu, and their works continue to inspire and comfort people around the world.

Dua poetry in Urdu 2 lines is a beautiful and powerful expression of faith, hope, and spirituality. Its brevity and simplicity make it accessible to a broad audience, while its emotional depth and mystical themes make it a source of inspiration and comfort for many people. By exploring the themes and messages of dua poetry, we can deepen our understanding of Islamic spirituality and connect with the rich cultural heritage of the Indian subcontinent.

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