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Famous Beaches on the North Shore of Saint John, U.S. Virgin Islands


Most people think St. John’s North Shore beaches are an incarnation of a tropical island fantasy. There you can find soft white sand beaches that extend to crystal clear turquoise waters with a colorful, living coral reef bordering the shoreline.

You can also find coconut palms and sea grapes at the edges of the beach. The ghost crabs will scuttle over the wet sandy area and the sea birds will search for food as they fly the blue Caribbean skies above the clear coastal waters.

It’s no wonder that most travel professionals and seasoned tourists believe the beaches surrounding St. John island are the best available in the world.

A few crucial beaches that you should visit while you are staying at your St. John vacation rental include:

  1. Trunk Bay
    This is one of the most popular, the most photographed, and the most visited beaches on St. John island that you should not miss. There you can enjoy the white sand, crystal clear water, and towering palms.
  2. Cinnamon Bay Beach
    Cinnamon Bay Beach has one of the longest white sand beaches that you will find on St. John island. At this beach, you will also find a white sandy beach, palm trees, sea grapes that provide shade, and some good shallow water for snorkeling.
  3. Honeymoon Beach
    As the name suggests any just-married couple, as well as family, will enjoy this beach. You can find soft, white sand, a shallow water entry, snorkeling and watersports, and beautiful clear blue water.
  4. Salomon Beach

Salomon Beach is a small, quiet beach, and is probably the most beautiful beach on St. John. This beach can only be accessed by a hiking trail or boat, and because of this, most of the crowds stay away.

5. Hawksnest Bay Beach

Hawksnest Bay Beach is a favorite spot for locals as well as visitors. This is the first beach on the North Shore where you can drive and park where it is just a short walk distance from the water. This beach is the best spot for just plain relaxing.

6. Denis Bay Beach

Denis Bay Beach is a gorgeous beach on St. John that is quiet and secluded because it is off-the-beaten-path and can only be accessed by a rugged trail that leads down to the water. If you are an adventurous person then you hike to the beach from the trail at Peace Hill so you can enjoy the beach.

7. Jumbie Beach

Jumble Beach is a small and secluded beach because it is a clothing-optional beach, otherwise, a nude beach. This can be a great alternative to most other large and more popular beaches on St. John island. There is a limited parking facility with less of a chance of a crowded beach.

8. Francis Bay Beach

Francis Bay Beach is located across the bay from Trunk Bay Beach. It is a small family beach that is great for snorkeling. Because this beach doesn’t get crowded it can be a great place for getting enjoying a picnic lunch and watching magnificent sunsets.

9. Waterlemon Cay / Leinster Bay

Waterlemon Cay and Leinster Bay have some of the best snorkeling that you can find on St. John. You will need to take a 15-minute hike to reach the shimmering water. Overall, the trail is easy and quite flat.

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