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Features of Air Tumble Track Gray Surface Black Side Gymnastics Equipment Air Track Mat


Inflatable and thick rectangular air track mats may be utilized for various sports, including jumps and tumbles. According to research, they are all meant to enhance health and stimulate physical activity at home and work. For high-impact injuries during a performance or practice are cushioned and built for comfort. Furthermore, they are employed in various sports sectors, including gymnastics. You can leap higher and more energy thanks to the flexible surface and the unique construction. Most of them are also suitable for usage in or on water. They’re a lot of help!

Selecting an Air Tumble Track:

Gymnasts and martial artists worry most about their safety. Gymnasts’ best buddy is an air tumbling track. Tumble mat’s high-quality air tumble track is built to withstand repeated use and ensure safety. Air tumble tracks are a must-have training aid for karate, kickboxing, cheerleading, and other combat sports. Based on how considerably space you have available, you may choose from several lengths of these mats. If you’re not sure where to begin your search for a high-quality air tumble mat, continue reading this post.

Air Tumble Track Factors:

An air track mat is preferable to a regular mat for tumbling since it is lighter and safer. This mat may be utilized both inside and out and then folded up to take up less room when not in use. Air tracks are a great option for home gyms and various other applications because of their lengthy lifespan. It is an excellent option if you’re considering adding a tumble track to your home gym.

There are several benefits to using the Kameymall Air Tumble Track. The product is reasonably priced, has a two-year guarantee, and is sent free. Using the Kameymall app is a great way to remain updated on the newest items and reap several perks. These mats are in high demand, so you can save money by purchasing them on sale!


3 to 3.5 feet wide and 4 to 8 inches thick are typical dimensions for inflatable air tumble tracks. Despite this, there is a wide range of lengths to choose from. The length of a tumble track varies from 1.5 feet to 39 feet. Before settling on a tumble track, check the available space for gymnastics. Since martial arts and yoga need just 4 to 5 feet for practice, you must examine the function of the mat. A longer and thicker air tumble track is required for other sports like long jumps, gymnastics, and cheerleading since athletes need to practice many talents simultaneously. In addition, for safety reasons, a longer mat is usually preferable.


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Materially Uncompromising:

All an air tumble track does is provide a safety net for pilots doing high-risk airborne maneuvers. No matter what happens, the body must be protected by inflatable mats. As a result, only premium materials should be used in their construction. A wide range of materials is used to construct air tumble tracks. Due to its longevity and strength, PVC/tarpaulin is often utilized outside tumble tracks. The mat’s upper side is covered in a softer fabric to reduce the risk of skin abrasions.

Many polyester threads are used to link two pieces of polyester in the double-wall/drop-stitch technique, which has been around for a long time. High pressure may be applied without causing the mat to deflate because of its strong threads, which allow it to expand. The PVC-based rail tape is utilized to seal and reinforce the seams and valves surrounding its perimeter.


An air tumble track’s durability is one of its main features. It’s composed of commercial tarpaulin, which is airtight and double-walled. The electric pump is also included free of charge. It simply takes a few minutes to inflate the tumbler, and the airtightness lasts for days. It is also possible to fold and carry air track mats. You may get an air tumble track that folds and comes with a travel case in addition to being robust. Colors, sizes, and materials are all available to meet your specific demands. Determine how much area you have to work with before purchasing an air track via Kameymall. Size is a major consideration. Depending on your skill level and the objective of the air track, you should choose the appropriate size. You’ll need something longer and thicker for beginners. Air tracks range in length from 10 feet to 30 feet for more proficient athletes.

Most Important Aspects:

A tiny, inflatable tumble track may be easy to transport and deploy, but a 39-foot-long track presents new challenges. It is also essential to carry handles on both sides of your air tumble track to place your mat quickly and easily. Look for a mat with rubber-coated handles or finger grips to provide a more secure hold. UV coating protects the mat from sun damage and two valves to manage air pressure. Gymnasts need a thick centre line to maintain their bodies correctly throughout their routines.


It’s time to do a happy dance since you’ve just learned something new! Whether you’re a gymnast, cheerleader, wrestler, or martial arts fan, having the answers to these questions will help you make an educated choice about the kind of mat you need to buy.

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