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Gaming of the Future: How Technology will change Computer Games


According to Statista, the number of players in 2021 could reach a third of the world’s population. What technologies will shape the industry, and how will its popularity affect our lives?

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said in a 2019 letter to shareholders that the service’s main competitor was not Disney + or HBO, but the Fortnite video game. The game is the latest product from the global entertainment industry, increasingly popular and interactive. Developers are embracing new technologies and even triggering their development.

Experts predict that the most important gaming trend, cloud gaming, will reach $ 450 million by 2023. Technology has made gaming more democratic. Services like Google Stadiums, PlayStation Now or Play key handle resource-intensive applications without being limited by hardware capabilities. In the future, they will give developers the freedom to build without technical restrictions:

  • Expensive equipment will no longer be an obstacle: Everyone can create a game with their fantasies
  • A new class of games will emerge, originally created by cloud standards and not limited by technology. For virtual worlds, including VR formats, unprecedented horizons will open up. Cities and even entire planets can be accurate down to the smallest detail – it’s hard to distinguish them from the real thing
  • The boundaries between genres disappear: a new category of games will combine many genre segments

The social acceptance factor for player behavior is becoming important – virtual communities will look like rights more and more. For example, the developers of Death Stranding introduced “like” as a tool to encourage actions from other players, such as buildings or warning signs.

The driving force behind the development of cloud games is the proliferation of 5G. This communication standard will increase the speed and interrupt the transmission of various data from the cloud. Technology will trigger a wave of growth in players playing on their phones. There are already more than 2 billion such users and thanks to 5G their number will increase several times.

Games instead of Zoom Conferences and School Lessons

Games are not just entertainment anymore. The virtual world is becoming a new communication platform. They organize seminars, build university campuses, take courses and arrange concerts.

The world moves faster and faster as the communication shifts to the reality of the game. Self-isolation only helps the process – a game world like Fortnite is more diverse and functional than Zoom. They have a great set of customization tools that allow you to assemble a large following. For example, the Travis Scott concert mentioned above was seen by over 27 million viewers.

In the future, games will also change the education system. Of course, they will not completely replace the curriculum, but will complement it: the skills learned in the game will be applied in school and at work. For example, researchers at the University of Glasgow have found that games promote critical and reflective thinking and develop responses.

Educators already embrace the game: A San Diego geometry professor teaches the VR branch of Half-Life. Last summer, the Internet Development Institute proposed that World of Tanks Dota 2 electives be included in school curricula and it is assuming that soon top gamers will also visit schools for the gaming sessions and they will share their experience about earning from gaming. For this, TFUE must be invited because TFUE’s net worth were higher than any other gamer. Experts believe that these games promote creativity, logic and teamwork.

New Content Consumption Model

The differences between games and other forms of entertainment like movies will be completely erased. The new Unreal Engine 5 already delivers images that are hard to distinguish from Hollywood. Virtual avatars of actors become heroes in Cyberpunk 2077 or Death Stranding: Gaming is an interactive storytelling style that will change the drama itself and the relationship between audience and writers.

The interactivity of the virtual universe will eventually destroy the fourth wall. The audience will dictate the development of the plot and become an instructor for their own work in the game world thanks to streaming. The definition of sports will also change: Millennials already watch live games more often than regular sports. As the audience matures, eSports will become a well-known form of competition, and possibly even the Olympics.

The future of Gaming Devices

Character control will change: The development of brain-computer interfaces will allow brain signals to be used to control their actions. Such devices already exist: With the Emotiv EPOC device, for example, you can use the “Power of Thought” software to control a drone using neurotransmitters. According to Ericsson experts, the technology will be widespread during this decade.

The aforementioned 5G standards will make it possible to use not only sight and hearing, but all the senses in games. We find the “Internet of the Senses”: digital sensors that use artificial intelligence, VR and AR, allow you to truly experience the game’s universe.

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