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How Is Salesforce Sales Cloud Used in Sales?


Salesforce is a popular cloud-based CRM system that helps businesses manage their sales, marketing, and customer service processes. Salesforce Sales Cloud is one of the company’s key products for helping businesses sell to other businesses. It’s designed to help you manage your sales pipeline, forecast revenue, and identify new opportunities for growth. This article will explain how Salesforce can help your organization streamline its sales process and sell more effectively.

Sales Cloud helps salespeople manage leads, accounts, and opportunities.

Sales Cloud is an all-in-one sales platform that helps with all aspects of the sales process, including lead management, account management, and opportunity management. In addition, the sales cloud helps you with lead qualification, scoring, and assignment.

Sales Cloud helps you manage your pipeline by providing a dashboard to track your activities and performance metrics. It also includes forecasting features that enable you to predict how much revenue can be generated from new leads at any given time. 

How to convert a lead to an account

  1. To convert a lead to an account, contact, opportunity, etc., first, locate the lead and then the lead details.
  2. ClickAfter filling in the lead conversion information, click Convert. the button from the lead details screen -> Convert.
  3. After filling in the lead conversion information, click Convert.

In addition, Salesforce provides Business-to-Business Marketing Automation. Pardot is your go-to resource for B2B marketing automation, with tools that help you generate leads and automate the sales process. The Pardot Marketing Automation platform helps marketers create meaningful connections, generate more pipelines and empower sales to close more deals. With Pardot, you can easily convert qualified leads into opportunities, generating quick closed/won deals!

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Salesforce helps companies assign leads to reps and keep track of them.

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that automates things like lead assignment, lead tracking, and other aspects of the sales process. For example, it can:

  • Assign leads to reps automatically based on data you enter into the system.
  • Track where each lead is in the pipeline so everyone knows who’s working on which deals.
  • You can score leads based on how likely they are to buy your products or services at certain stages in the sales cycle.

How to Set Up Assignment Rules

  1. Go to Setup > Quick Find, then enter Assignment Rules in the box. You have two options: Lead Assignment Rules or Case Assignment Rules.
  2. Choose New, and then give the rule a name. Specify whether you want this rule to be active for leads or cases created manually and via the web and email. Then click Save.
  3. To create the rule entries, click New.

Salesforce Sales uses automation features to streamline common tasks.

Salesforce does this via CRM automation features, which automate everyday tasks. These features are available in the Sales Cloud and include lead scoring and sales scripts. By automating these processes, you can improve efficiency, reduce the time spent on mundane tasks, and free up your employees to do more valuable work.

Automation features such as lead scoring can help sales reps prioritize leads.

Lead scoring is a way to assign a score to leads based on their likelihood of buying your product. This helps you prioritize leads and focus your sales efforts on the leads most likely to convert. Einstein Lead Scoring enables you to discover your business’s patterns of lead conversion. Then, Einstein predicts which of your current leads to prioritize based on your historical lead conversion patterns. Using machine learning, Einstein Lead Scoring provides a simpler, faster, and more accurate solution than traditional rules-based lead scoring solutions.

How to Enable Einstein Lead Scoring

  1. Go to setup, and enter setup assistant under Sales Cloud Einstein.
  2. Click Get Started. It shows all the steps and the list of Einstein users. Einstein users only can use all Einstein features, including lead scoring.
  3. Click Set Up next to Einstein lead scoring. Then, click Set Up Now.
  4. Select the lead conversion milestones that are suitable for business. Create an opportunity when a lead is converted, or just convert the lead to accounts and contacts.
  5. Click Enable.
  6. In the lightning app builder, add the lead score component in lightning pages for leads. In classic, add a lead score field to lead page layouts.
  7. Add the lead score field to lead list views after the insights are available.

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Salesforce Sales Cloud can set up scripts to help reps close deals faster.

Automations also include the ability to set up sales scripts and email templates. These are useful for closing deals more effectively because they help you follow a pre-written script that covers all the points necessary to seal the deal. You can also use them to save time by sending out pre-written emails using templates instead of typing out every message from scratch.

How to Create Scripts with Salesforce Lightning

  1. In Lightning, go to Setup, Object Manager, Case, and create a new Detail Page Button or Detail Page Link:
  2. Now add the button or link to your Case Page Layout. Go to Setup, Object Manager, Case, Case Page Layouts, then select Case Layout.
  3. If you’re adding a Custom Button, click Buttons, and drag the button we created called “Agent Script” into the Custom Buttons area.
  4. If you include a link, click Custom Links, and drag the link we created called  “Call Script” into the Custom Links area.

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Quote generation made easy.

Set up quotes to show your customers the prices of your products and services. Create quotes that show different combinations of products, discounts, and quantities so customers can compare prices. Then add and sort products as needed to keep your quotes up to date. And if you need an easy way to provide quotes to your customers: create PDFs from a standard template or your company’s design. Email them to your customers, then delete any that you no longer need.

Sales Cloud can integrate with Gmail and Outlook.

Sales Cloud can integrate with Gmail and Outlook, so users can switch between different tools without having to leave Sales Cloud.

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM accessible from anywhere, including mobile devices. You can access Salesforce through your browser and install it as a desktop application.

Salesforce users can integrate Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and Google Calendar with their Salesforce accounts. In addition, they’ll be able to work on Salesforce tasks directly from their Microsoft and Google applications.

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Salesforce Sales Cloud can help your organization streamline its sales process and sell more effectively.

Sales Cloud offers everything you need to manage your business. Generate leads and opportunities, track deals through the sales pipeline, cultivate relationships, and forecast revenues from one place. Plus, Sales Cloud helps you organize your reps into selling teams, set up territories, and more.

  • With Salesforce campaigns, you can organize and track the results of your marketing efforts. This process helps you measure ongoing performance and ROI across activities and segments, so you always know what’s working best for your business.
  • Use opportunities to develop deals, track sales, and follow the status of your deals.
  • Manage all your contacts in one place. Store information, collaborate on accounts, and access the records you need.
  • Team management features let you set up territories, forecast sales, organize reps into teams, and split revenue and credit for deals. You can also use Path and WDC to help sales reps follow your business process and increase performance.
  • Salesforce’s Einstein artificial intelligence technology automates data entry and predictive analysis so you can make every selling moment count.
  • By using Lightning Sales Console, sales reps can connect with prospects through multiple messaging apps and chat. Plus, Omni-Channel enables sales managers to route communications to the right sales teams. Sales Engagement users can use digital channels from the workflow queue. 

How Your Salesforce Implementation Partner Can Help

The Salesforce implementation partner‘s job is to help you get the most out of your investment in Salesforce by providing guidance on how best to use the platform and ongoing support throughout the implementation process. They’ll also be there when you need them after launch, offering maintenance services on an ongoing basis. If you’re looking for a Salesforce implementation partner, you’re in the right place. We work with all kinds of businesses to help them implement Salesforce and use it to their advantage. We know every business is unique, so we’ll tailor our services to your specific needs.

Bottom Line

If you’re ready to learn more about how Salesforce Sales Cloud can help your sales process, we invite you to look at our Salesforce product pages. We also encourage you to contact eClouds with any questions or concerns that you may have. The best part is that it’s free to try for 30 days if you’re still figuring out what you want!

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