Secrets To Win Cash Prize: Top Online Games To Earn Money

The world of online gaming has exploded with millions of people playing, winning, and enjoying every single moment. Some online games offer skilled players a very real chance to win real money or cash prizes.

Wondering how you can monetize your gaming skills? Let us take you through the vast stretch of online games like Chess, Bingo, Pool, Solitaire, Spade and Rummy and show how gaining expertise in these can help you earn some good income.

Online games are usually divided into two categories: A game of skill (such as chess or checkers where the outcome is based entirely on the players’ skills) and a game of chance (like Candyland where the outcomes are completely random). The third category combines an element of skill and chance. Poker is a great example of such a game.

Here’s a deep dive into all the games you can try your hand at:

Card Games

Card games should be your number one choice if you want to play for fun and win some cash too. Poker, Spades, Solitaire, Rummy and BlackJack, there are several games where you can join in with your friends and family.

If rummy is your top choice, websites like Classic Rummy offer online rummy in different formats — both, free and for cash. Moreover, Classic Rummy’s excellent tutorials and free rummy games can help sharpen your skills too. You can then move on to playing rummy cash games which give you a very good chance to win cash prizes.

The more you play, the better your skills and you can then become eligible for their exclusive, online rummy clubs which will give you access to exclusive, large cash prize tournaments. And the best part? Playing online rummy for cash is completely legal in India. Don’t wait, join Classic Rummy today.

Casino Games

There has been an influx of online casino games in India which also offer cash. Casino Days, 20Bet, Roku are a few of the casino-based gaming websites. However, tread carefully when choosing to play online casino games for cash.

Check the legal status of the website/game in your state. You could then pick from a wide range of games — BlackJack, Roulette, or Slots, to mention a few. Check the bonuses, promotions, ease of deposits/withdrawal options on each website, and the availability of 24×7 customer services. Based on these factors, you can make an informed decision and pick the best casino game to play for cash.

Fantasy Games

Several fantasy games have sprung up online in recent years which offer virtual versions of various sports — right from cricket, football, kabaddi, and more for free and cash. To play any of these games and win cash, you need a good knowledge of the game, its players, their strengths, and weaknesses.

Sports aficionados are not only entertained but also have a good chance to make money. Some of the best websites to play online fantasy games are Dream11, MPL, MyTeam11 and Fan mojo… And in case you were wondering, fantasy games are now legal in India for players above 18 years of age.

Strategy Games

From Chess to Carrom and Ludo, there are a number of strategy games where you can play online for cash. These games offer you a fair chance of earning real money. The only thing you need is a kickass strategy.

If you’re still learning, watch some experienced players and polish your skills before competing with your opponents.

Some websites in India where you can play these games are Gamezy, MPL and Ludo Fantasy.

No matter what game you pick, remember that there is always a risk factor involved. Wagering to make money — both in a game of skill or chance — involves the risk of losing money. Read the terms and conditions and how easy it is to withdraw your money before you start playing for cash.

Set a playing cash limit for yourself and do not spend beyond that limit. Also, do not let these games become your livelihood. Spend only a specific amount of time playing and monitor that time carefully. Remember these games are for entertainment purposes only.

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