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The All-Star Team for the Twenty20 World Cup in 2022


In 2022, the Twenty20 World Cup was remembered as the event that set the bar higher than any other before it. Over four weeks, there were a lot of surprising things that happened and some great cricket games. There were also a lot of different ways to think about how the final standings would turn out based on insights of today breaking news cricket.

Winners of the 2022 World Twenty20 Championship

It’s never easy to pick the best team to play in a tournament, especially when there are many good teams to choose from. The players on the World Cup team were chosen based on how well they did overall and how they did in the games that were thought to be the most important.

  • #1 Jos Buttler (captain and wicketkeeper): 225 runs, 45.50 average, 144.23 SR –

There hasn’t been a starting player at this World Cup who has been better than Jos Buttler. Both England’s semi-final match against India and their Super 12 match against New Zealand were very important, and the England captain scored a half-century in both of them.

  • Alex Hales is second with 212 runs scored, a 42.40 batting average, and a 147.22 strike rate –

Hales, and Buttler, scored two important half-centuries for the team during the match. In the semi-final, he played so well against India that he was named player of the match. This will go down in England’s white-ball history forever.

After being left off the England team for a long time, Hales’s performance was a great way for him to make up for the lost time.

  • Virat Kohli: 295 runs, 98.66 average, 136.40 strike rate –

It felt Virat Kohli from before was back. The third-best batsman from India ended up scoring 296 runs, which was the most of any player in the competition. Four of his scores were over fifty. The most memorable thing was without a doubt a great inning against Pakistan on October 23.

Because of what he did, he became only the second player in Twenty20 World Cup history to score 1,000 runs.

  • Suryakumar Yadav: 239 runs, 59.75 average, SR 189.68 –

When the top of the order was having trouble scoring runs, Suryakumar Yadav would come in and give the innings a boost. In the same year that he set a new record for himself as India’s number four batsman, he also scored three half-centuries in six innings and hit at an incredible rate of 189.68.

His best game was when he got 68 runs off of 40 balls against South Africa in Perth, which has a tough surface. The other team got 184 of a possible 198 points.

  • Glenn Phillips, scored 201 runs, had a batting average of 40.20 and struck out 158.26 times per game –

Glenn Phillips brought new life to New Zealand over and over again, much how Suryakumar helped India’s economy. He kept the Black Caps in the game against England by scoring 62 runs off of 36 deliveries. This was after scoring a century when New Zealand was in danger against Sri Lanka. Against England, he kept New Zealand in the game.

  • Sikandar Raza: 219 runs, 27.37 average, 147.97 strike rate; ten wickets, 15.60 average, 6.50 economy –

The Zimbabwe national football team’s performance was one of the most pleasant surprises at this year’s World Cup. All of this started with Sikandar Raza, who was great with both the bat and the ball. He was named the player of the match for his great bowling against Pakistan, which helped Zimbabwe qualify for both the World Cup and the Super 12 stage.

  • Shadab Khan got 98 runs with an average of 24.50 and a strike rate of 168.96. He also took 11 wickets with an average of 15.00 and an economy rate of 6.34 –

Pakistan’s chances of winning were slim after they were reduced to 43/4 because they had an important match against South Africa coming up soon. Shadab, on the other hand, scored an amazing 52 runs off only 22 balls to keep Pakistan in the game. This helped Pakistan stay in the game.

Pakistan, which had been taken out of the running, moved on to the finals. Shadab’s role with the ball was important throughout the whole series, but it was especially important in Perth, where he took 11 wickets and kept the economy rate at 6.34.

  • Sam Curran was the seventh-best bowler because he got 13 wickets while averaging 11.38 runs per over and having an economy rate of 6.52 –

Winner of both the overall competition and the championship game’s Most Valuable Player award. Sam Curran was in great shape before the World Cup, but his play during the tournament has been nothing short of amazing.

The left-handed pitcher got 13 kills throughout six games, including three for twelve in the game that decided who won the championship. Curran was in charge of nine wickets in the last overs and only left 70 runs off of 64 balls (17–20).

  • Shaheen Shah Afridi: 11 wickets, an average of 14.09, and an economy rate of 6.15 –

Shaheen’s performance in the tournament was slow at first because he was still getting over an injury. But all of a sudden, he found his rhythm again and began to win. The left-handed player helped his team get into the final four by taking seven wickets in Pakistan’s last two Super 12 games and two more wickets against New Zealand in the semi-final game.

Shaheen gave Pakistan hope when he smashed through Alex Hales in the first few minutes of the championship match. Unfortunately, both he and his team got hurt, which meant they couldn’t keep going in the competition.

  • Mark Wood finished tenth with nine wickets, an average of 12.00, and an economy of 7.71 –

Even though Mark Wood missed England’s semi-final and championship games, he was still a very important part of the team. Wood always bowled faster than 150 kilometers per hour, and his performance against Sri Lanka and Ireland was crucial because the other bowlers didn’t do well in those games.

  • At number 11, when Anrich Nortje was bowling, he was able to get 11 wickets while giving up 5.37 runs per over –

The only good thing about South Africa’s performance against the Netherlands was Anrich Nortje’s 1/10. Even though the fast bowler took 11 wickets during the Super 12 stage, he only had an economy rate of 5.37 for the whole stage.

2022 T20 World Cup Team of the Tournament: Suryakumar, Curran, who else?

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