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The Best Contemporary Romance Novels of All Time


Reading romance novels might open up many doors for you. One book may take you to the Big Apple, while another can transport you to a fantastical place beyond your wildest imagination. In addition to that! Reading a historical romance is a great way to see other eras and locations, like as 18th-century England. Reading a romance novel is like visiting a warm and inviting hotel where everyone treats you like family. You may get a sense of proximity to a foreign land via these tales. The greatest contemporary romances, boss romance, nanny romances, certain to put a grin on your face, may be found in this list.

Finding Gene Kelly

In Seeking Gene Kelly, a lady travels to the City of Love in order to placate her mother by pretending to date her brother’s fiance for the wedding. Jean’s story is great for you if you’re the kind that would rather read something light and airy than anything dark and deep. Enjoy a pleasant stroll around Paris with Evie O’Shea, the guy she hates the most, and the hilarious antics that ensue as a result of their fabricated romance.

Forbidden Bad Boy Biker

A nanny romance filled with a lot of great scenes and drama, Forbidden Bad Boy Biker is something you need to have on your reading list. On the surface, Teddy seemed to be the ideal boss: thoughtful, kind, and giving. After learning about his reputation with women, however, Brie decided to maintain their connection on a purely business basis. Will they act in an honest and transparent manner? Is one of them going to be wounded, or not?

Midnight Kisses

The gloomy female protagonist of Midnight Kisses is paired with the Golden Retriever football player who wants to be more than just her friend with benefits in this collegiate sports romance. But when he learns that she is the coach’s daughter, things become more problematic for the couple. In Bennedict’s first book, readers will learn about the pupils’ routines, relationships, and friendships.

Water Under The Bridge

Avery Soko is the protagonist of this novel; she is a driven and determined young lady. She hopes to one day be a fundraiser for the Oceanic Research Organization, which would be a dream come true. She doesn’t count on Luca Navarro, an irritating ex-corporate lawyer, to be the one to break the news that she didn’t win her ideal job. Avery, however, is not one to give up, so she accepts a position at a failing startup, where she once again crosses paths with Luca in the form of a multimillion-dollar prize competition.

All Downhill With You

Lorelei is the marketing manager, and she has all the answers on how to make this park a smashing success. Her perfect day at the amusement park ends abruptly when she suffers an accident on one of the rides. She resolves to sue the firm, but she does it out of curiosity rather than for financial recompense. She had no idea that the grouchy, unfriendly guy in front of her is the one responsible for the roller coaster.

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