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The Best theming and customization apps for Android


If you are tired of the regular settings of the Android interface, then we advise you to make them more diverse through several special applications. As recently as a decade ago, users had to violate administrator rights to access their tablet or smartphone interface settings.

But today, Android themes became an issue that is going through a transitional phase of progress. Free Themes for Android is a program for phone customization, and you will surely be pleased with this tool after you try it. However, many modern manufacturers support this drive and provide users with access to system settings so that they can comply with the right way.

And yet, some old techniques of customising smartphones on the basis of Android are still effective and useful. So various applications for wallpapers are popular too, and we want to advise you of several of them. Among them are tools such as:

  • Action Launcher.
  • Energy Bar (or Energy Ring).
  • Facer and WatchMaker.
  • Gboard and SwiftKey.

Action Launcher 

It is a handy program to create new colourful themes for Android smartphones and tablets. Action Launcher is the best option for such a tool. So it will help you cope with any difficulties of the process of customising a smartphone or tablet, as well as it has many useful functions. For example, you can convert the icons of your apps to look like the style of an old Android 7.1. Or the components of the Google Pixel Launcher will be useful in this efficient process. With the strength of this program, you will be able to implement any of your ideas and make the interface of your smartphone aesthetic and unique.

Energy Bar (or Energy Ring)

Energy Bar and Energy Ring is a series of useful programs that help users make unique transformations of the interface of their mobile devices, such as tablets or smartphones. The Energy Bar is an unusual tool that makes the battery charge indicator in the shape of a strip and places it at the top of the display. It translates the remaining energy in the smartphone battery and is suitable for any modern device on Android. As for Energy Ring, its developers tried to continue the Energy Bar in its fine traditions and made it versatile. However, this tool will make the battery charge indicator round.

Facer and WatchMaker 

Wear OS is a unique operating system that has unusual themes too. Accordingly, it will require special programs from you if you want to change the appearance of your device interface. They both help configure smartphone or tablet dials on the basis of Android Wear. Other people create their dials too, and all of them are saved in the local library of this wonderful program. Facer and WatchMaker are editor programs that support Gear S2 and S3 devices. Users who hold Wear OS mobile devices will be able to try such unique tools to transform the appearance of their watches.

Gboard and SwiftKey

There are two great keyboards for devices on Android that are called Gboard and SwiftKey. This is the best option for those users who plan to create new themes for the design of their smartphones. SwiftKey is harder than Gboard because it has a large set of themes. At the same time, Gboard has some strengths too, including a user-friendly interface. However, both of these tools perform the same function. This is editing the keyboard of a mobile device and creating a unique design for it. 

So, you should download any of those programs that we have listed in this article as they will bring you many benefits and make your life brighter. We are sure that the appearance of the smartphone interface is an important component of every person’s daily life, and the more aesthetically it is, the more pleasant it will be to use your mobile device.

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