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The origins of the Shangri La brand


The gambling industry of Eastern Europe has always been famous for a wide range of units where you can get a quality gaming experience and incomparable pleasure from a comfortable stay. A prominent place in the market is occupied by a group of luxury clubs managed by the well-known company Storm International – Shangri La Casino. Whatever branded establishment you visit, each of them offers luxurious interiors, modern design solutions, and professional, friendly staff.

The well-known brand has been a leader in the gambling entertainment market for 31 years. Each casino of the brand is, without exaggeration, a masterpiece of architectural thought and a cozy royal atmosphere. This success story began in 1992 with several establishments in the Russian capital. These casinos were opened by the founder and ideological inspirer of Storm International, the notorious Michael Boettcher. At that time, the gambling market in Russia was very promising. Years passed, and in 2008 Shangri La ended its Russian history forever.

It’s time to shift our attention from the Russian segment to the Armenian gambling market. In the same year, the second branded unit was solemnly opened in Yerevan. Players from the first days were delighted with the new institution. Non-standard design literally riveted the attention of residents of Yerevan and guests of the capital of Armenia. Own poker club, regular poker tournaments with top prizes – this is Shangri La Yerevan.

A year after Armenia, it was the turn of Belarus. The long-awaited opening of a gambling house in Minsk took place. The casino is located here in a separate building, and its original design in the form of a huge cube made of glass helps guests of the city recognize it from afar. The drawings of valuable prizes regularly held by the complex have become an additional motivation for many players. Agree that it’s not bad during a decent vacation in the casino to win a luxury car. Players do not have to look for an additional place for a delicious dinner in Minsk. The casino has its own restaurant where you can taste delicious dishes. All processes here are controlled by a well-known throughout Europe chef Mark Ulrich.

After Belarus, gamblers had to wait for the opening of a new branded establishment for three years. And in 2012 it happened in the capital of Georgia. Shangri La Tbilisi has its own distinctive feature. This is his location. Near the unique Bridge of Peace, in the historical corner of Tbilisi, the casino hospitably welcomes its players. This is one of the best casinos in Georgia, which has been repeatedly confirmed by receiving prestigious awards and titles.

2021 has become the year of Ukraine for Shangri La. Two new, but no less sophisticated casinos of the group have opened in Kharkov and Kyiv. Unfortunately, already in 2022, the operation of these complexes had to be stopped for several months due to martial law declared in the country. The teams of these two halls showed dedication, which contributed to the resumption of work of Ukrainian gambling houses in full.

VIP guests in each casino of the brand are expected by a specially created VIP club. High bets, maximum comfort and decent payouts. All the best VIP privileges for the players of the elite club Shangri La.

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