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This tool will blow your mind! Extract text from any video format!


Extracting text from a video manually is a slow and tedious process. Whether you’re trying to create captions for a long video or putting together a transcript for your Zoom meeting or video podcast, the problem remains the same: nobody wants to sit there and listen to themselves talk at half speed while struggling to quickly type down everything that’s being said.

Well, what if we told you there was a better way? There is an app called Flixier that runs in your browser and can help you turn any video to text in just a few clicks. It uses powerful cloud servers to process any spoken words in your video and then generates a subtitle file that you can either use in your video or save to your computer as a .TXT file and turn it into a transcript. Here’s how it all works:

How to transcribe videos to text automatically with Flixier

To begin converting your videos to text, go to Flixier’s website and click on Get Started to open their app up in your web browser. This tool is free to try and it doesn’t even require an account in order to use, so it will start right up and ask you to import the video that you want to extract the text from.

You can either upload the video by dragging it over from your computer, or bring it over from cloud storage services, YouTube, Twitch, or even your Zoom cloud.

After your video has been successfully uploaded, it will show up in your Library area. Double click on it to add it to your timeline at the bottom of the screen. Then, in order to extract the text from your video, right click on your clip and select Generate Subtitle.

The app will take a few seconds to process all the spoken words in your video. Then, it will create a synchronized subtitle file that will appear alongside the rest of your video in the timeline. If you want to, you can watch the video to check if Flixier’s AI was accurate in its transcription. You can select the transcript on the timeline and use the menu on the right side of the screen to make any edits you want to the transcript.

To save your video transcript, go to the Subtitle tab of the right side menu, select .TXT No Timestamps from the drop down list and then click on the download icon next to it. The transcript will be saved to your computer.

Of course, if you actually want to use this transcript as a subtitle, you can always choose to save it as one of the many subtitle formats available in that list, or customize its appearance and hardcode it into your video before exporting it as an MP4.

What video formats is Flixier compatible with?

If you’re worried about compatibility issues, you can rest assured. This online tool lets you convert any video to text online, regardless of format. Flixier supports all the popular media formats, so you never have to worry about converting your files before uploading them to the platform.

It can also do a lot more than video transcribing! It’s a fully featured video editing and recording suite, all easily accessible from your web browser, so if you ever need to edit a video before transcribing it, you can do it easily using Flixier. If you create an account, you can even save your work in the cloud and resume your projects on any computer.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over and start converting your videos to text now!

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