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Today, UPYO is launching the largest Art Exhibition for NFT assets in the Middle East.


The largest art exhibition for NFT digital assets ever witnessed in the Middle East region begins today, Monday, within the world of Metaverse.

The exhibition, which is the first of its kind to be held in the Arab world, is launched under the slogan “UPYO Art Gallery”, and includes a collection of digital artworks of celebrities from the NFT art asset industry, where it will be the largest gathering for artists specialized in this field, and investors in the Metaverse universe, that the Middle East witnesses.

The exhibition consists of 5 virtual rooms. The first room will be dedicated to showcase the NFT assets of the art world celebrities of the Middle East. This room will display artworks that the artists produced for themselves and have converted into NFT digital assets.

The second room of the “UPYO Art Gallery” in the Metaverse will be a virtual center that provides investment consultations in the field of digital assets. Through it, the visitors of the virtual exhibition are capable of asking questions of any sorts related to cryptocurrencies and digital assets, and identify what it takes to launch a private project in the world of NFT art Gallery and the world of the metaverse.

This second room, will host consultants specialized in this field, that will provide the exhibition visitors with the consultancies they need in the world of the new web “web 3.0”.

The third room of the exhibition in the virtual world of Metaverse, will be allocated to ESN digital wallets for cryptocurrency, The ESN service is what is known as the Ethereum domain service. On display is a group of rare ENS, which is characterized by its Arab characteristics, and will bear the most famous Arab and foreign names.

The fourth room of the UPYO Art Gallery in the world of Metaverse, is the most prominent and important room of the five rooms that will be opened to visitors of the virtual gallery.

This fourth room of the virtual exhibition will be devoted to providing simplified explanations demonstrating the nature of the virtual world of Metaverse and NFT digital assets, their purpose and ways to make the most of them.

In addition, educational materials will be available to identify common terms in the world of NFT digital assets, to learn about these terminologies and the proper usages for them.

The fifth room of the exhibition rooms in the virtual world, will be available for employment opportunities. Visitors to this room of the exhibition can appoint specialists in the field of the world of the new web “web 3.0”, to benefit from their knowledge in launching their professional project in the world of the Metaverse.

The exhibition will be the first of its kind in the Middle East, as it will include a large gathering of famous artists and investment professionals interested in learning about everything new related to the world of Metaverse, and provides the opportunity to visit the virtual world and experience living within it.

In his statements, Mr. Ahmed Al Sanan, CEO and founder of UPYO, said that this first exhibition, which is the first of its kind, represents UPYO’s vision to spread a space for artists specializing in the production of NFT digital assets in the Middle East through this exhibition.

Al Sinan added, “The exhibition will allow artists specializing in this field to display their artworks in the field of NFT digital assets, in a realistic way, through metaverse technology. This innovative method of presentation will combine the two worlds in one event, allowing the audience in the Arab world to easily discover everything related to NFT digital assets.

Al Sinan also described the event as the largest gathering of artists specialized in the production of NFT digital assets, entrepreneurs specializing in the field of modern technologies in general, and specialists in the field of Web 3.0 technologies in particular

For his part, Ibrahim Ezz, head of the company’s marketing sector, made statements about the upcoming exhibition, during which he said, “the UPYO Art Gallery is UPYO’s first event in the Middle East, but it will not be the last.”

He added, “There will be upcoming events in all Arab countries organized by UPYO, and with regard to this exhibition in particular, it aims to give the Arab public an exceptional and unique user experience, within the virtual world of Metaverse,

which contributes to raising the awareness of the Arab public about the existence of the first specialized platform in this field for NFT digital assets, through which it combines different classes that are concerned with derivatives of WEB 3.0 technologies, the Metaverse, and NFT digital assets.

Ibrahim Ezz continued, “This diversity is expected to result in the formation of a cultural community witnessing the exchange of experiences between artists specialized in the field of NFT digital assets, and entrepreneurs looking to engage in investment experiences in this field, in various Arab countries”.

And a visit to the UPYO Art Gallery will be available to the pioneers of the virtual world of Metaverse from all over the Arab world, through the use of virtual reality glasses.

I wonder if it was possible to publish this news on your site, as it is new news that attracts the attention of everyone who is interested in the field of digital currencies, the virtual world (Metaverse) and NFT digital assets.

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