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Using Content to Drive Conversions for SaaS Businesses


Content marketing is a powerful tool for driving engagement, growth and conversion. Even though it can resemble content marketing done in and for other types of businesses, it is different because it is mostly about educating customers and positioning your product as the solution they need. The end goal is to get them to convert, whether that is leaving their email for further marketing, starting a free trial or subscribing. Let us look at ways you can use content marketing to your advantage for your SaaS business.

Educate Your Customers

SaaS customers are very different from other types of customers. The reason is that they are aware of the problem they are trying to solve and are looking for a specific solution to that problem. Instead of sending them endless emails, educate them. Create content that addresses their problem and then use that content to nudge them towards your product as the best solution.

In many cases, this is considered flipping the sales funnel upside down as you start marketing to people who are ready to convert instead of people who are just browsing and are not yet ready to take the next step.

When doing this, it is important to emphasise your product’s features, value, benefits and use cases. People do not just want to hear that your product can solve their problem; they also want to know how and where it has done so in a similar circumstance.

Engage More People

SaaS content marketing does not happen in a vacuum as other types of marketing do. This means that you need to involve many more people to ensure conversions. For example, a business might engage the sales team to get insights on what customers are looking for, their needs and desires, and the questions they want to be answered.

The business can then pass such data to a SaaS marketing agency who can use it to create targeted and actionable content that answers these questions, addresses pain points and resolves any problems customers have.

Highly targeted content like this, that is exactly what a customer is looking for, is more likely to convince them to convert as they already know they will get precisely what they are looking for in your product.

Think About the Connection Between Your Content Pages and Your Money Pages

Your content pages are obvious, but your money pages are where customers start free trials or complete purchases. When creating content, think about which money pages it will connect to. Doing so ensures that all your money pages get internal links from relevant content pages. It also helps customers follow the links to pay for your products if you have positioned them right.

Measure the Right Metrics

Good marketing entails knowing what results and metrics to measure so that the SaaS can iterate and improve its marketing efforts. Some metrics to measure include the number of visits, the number of pages visited per session, and conversion rates. If the business offers a lead magnet for a conversion, it should also measure the number of downloads.

Content marketing is important for all businesses, but especially for businesses that need to educate or convince their customers before they convert. SaaS businesses are a great example of this, and businesses can use content marketing in different ways to improve conversions.

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