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Using the Best Free Tracking Tool to Track Your Orders Internationally


Track Parcels Online With A Free Tracking Tool

The internet is believed to be the future of the world. It is said that in the not-too-distant future, everything from entertainment, sport, politics, communication, and commerce will be done through the internet. Among all these things, one that everyone is looking forward to is commerce. Today, over 2.4 billion people shop online, and over a billion transactions are processed daily, according to With these high numbers of digital buyers and transactions, it’s only a matter of time before the traditional cash economy becomes absolute. 

Order tracking is a factor many believe will bring stability to the e-commerce sector if done correctly. As digital shopping continues to grow and the e-commerce sector continues to expand, special attention must be given to parcel tracking to maintain this upward growth trend. In this bid, different startups are developing means customers can use information like their China post tracking number to track their orders from anywhere across the globe.

How Free Shipping With China Post Works ?

Free shipping is the most picked option when it comes to online shopping. This option is primarily available on online retail platforms like AliExpress, where the company would prefer to shoulder the cost of shipping as a marketing strategy. Mostly, only orders of a certain weight and cost are eligible for free shipping. When purchasing goods in China and you pick the free shipment option, the vendor is expected to take your order to the Chinese Postal office for shipment.

Once your goods arrive at the post office, postal officials are expected to tag your order with a China post tracking number for identification and tracking. For the benefit of first-time shoppers, China post tracking numbers consist of 13-digits and start with the letter”R” and stop with “CN”; the remaining 10 digits are numbers. 

With free shipping, you don’t have to pay extra charges to deliver your goods to your doorsteps. Also, ensure that your order is eligible for tracking on the platform before you go ahead to make payment.

Free Tracking Tools and How They Work

Thanks to the corporation in the e-commerce sector, everyone is at liberty to use any tracking tools to monitor their online purchase, no matter the origin of the tracking number. Some of these tools are paid, while others are free and available for all. Among all the free tracking tools on the web, Ordertracker has the best features. Some features that can be found in Ordertracker include

  • The platform supports about 1000 courier services in over 200 countries.
  • Ordertracker can be used to track bulk packages simultaneously.
  • Customers can subscribe to push notifications for continuous updates on their goods.

The tracking package on Ordertracker is pretty straightforward. To start, visit the platform’s website and register using your email address. Or you can also sign up by downloading the Ordertracker mobile app, which is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices. After you must have been done with the registration process, copy and paste your tracking number and click enter.

Are Free Tracking Tools Accurate ?

The fact that they are free and easily accessible does not take away the fact that they are legit and accurate. Judging from the millions of online shoppers that have used these tools to track packages, they are also as good as their paid counterparts.

Bottom Line

As you track your order, do not hesitate to contact customer care service if you notice any unfamiliar changes in the movement of your goods. Also, it is important to note that it takes about 48-72 hours after your tracking number must have been sent before you can start tracking your order.

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