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What do You need to Know About 918Kiss & Mega888 Online Slot Game?


When players sign up for an account at a Malaysian online casino, they’re constantly on the search for the greatest games. After all, a good casino game is synonymous with a quality gaming experience. Not only that, but the best titles often feature numerous in-game bonuses, which will contribute to better rewards.

Slot online Malaysia games are the most popular casino games due to their simplicity, great graphics and tremendous rewards. Speaking of quality slot games, we are going to focus on two reputable providers that are known for having the best slot games on the online casino Malaysia – 918Kiss and Mega888.

We will be listing a few things that you should know about 918Kiss and Mega888 online slot games, so let’s start diving into the details.

General Information About 918Kiss and Mega888

Of course, learning everything about 918Kiss and Mega888 slot games starts with being familiar with the two brands. It was for this reason that we opted to provide you some background information on these two businesses first.


918Kiss was formerly known as SCR888 and it operates in counties in Southeast Asia, specifically Malaysia. Throughout the years, it established itself as a reputable provider that knows what the preferences of players are and that is why it always manages to exceed expectations with every new slot online Malaysia title.

Thanks to its successful marketing campaign and quality selection of slot games, 918Kiss managed to establish itself as one of Asia’s leading providers.


On the other side, we have yet another reputable brand that always aims to set the industry standards, rather than chase them. Mega888 is supported on all mobile and desktop platforms and one of the features that sets it apart from the competition is its availability and quality games.

Its success in Asia allowed Mega888 to operate well beyond these borders and establish a global presence in multiple countries.

Its security and overall quality also add up to its reputation and that is why many players from Malaysia are looking to enjoy this brand’s games.

Graphics and Mobile Compatibility

Graphics always play a major role when it comes to the quality of the gaming experience. Why? Because they are an indicator of the provider’s attention to detail and willingness to create perfection. Every slot online Malaysia by 918Kiss and Mega888 features breath-taking, HD graphics that will not only contribute to the overall quality gaming experience but will exceed all of your expectations.

Thanks to the quality of the graphics, 918Kiss and Mega888 slots are often compared to the most popular titles of some of the world’s best providers. That includes NetEnt, Yggdrasil and Playtech slot games. Besides that, there are more online free slots game to play in any casinos out there.

Additionally, they meet the industry’s latest standards as they are optimized for mobile use. It’s possible to obtain APK files for both brands from the Android Market. Industry experts are adamant about mobile gaming is the future of the online casino Malaysia industry and 918Kiss and Mega888 have made sure that they stay ahead of the curve.  

Security and Reliability

Of course, when players access slot games, they want to sure that they are provided with the highest security levels. After all, online scams are one of the biggest issues these days as millions of people fall victim to cybercrimes each year.

You will be pleased to know that every slot online Malaysia by these two brands is accredited by the world’s most respected authorities, which means that they are both reliable and secure. The 1288-bit security system will make sure that the data you sent is encrypted and kept out of harm’s way.

Most Popular Titles

The most interesting section of this essay is about to begin: a look at the most popular games from each of these two companies. The slot games that we are about to list are extremely popular in Malaysia and have proven to be the top choice for numerous players residing here.

Let’s start with 918Kiss. As mentioned in the beginning, there are tons of quality slot games that you can play, but the most popular ones are the following:

  •         Ocean King
  •         Battle World
  •         Racing Car
  •         Da Sheng Nao Hao

Each of these games has fantastic graphics, unique features and is optimized for mobile use. Thanks to that fact, you will be provided with the best gaming experience when accessing them.

Mega888, on the other hand, is a formidable opponent. Its games are equally as exciting as the games by 918Kiss, and they can be played from any mobile and desktop device. In order to use them, you must just ensure that your Internet connection is steady.

With that being said, Mega888’s most popular and best titles include:

  •         Fortune
  •         African Wildlife
  •         Crazy
  •         Aladdin Wishes
  •         Ball Slots 


There’s no denying the fact that to attract as many players and build up your reputation, you need to have a quality selection of online slots. The industry standards are now set very high and players are always on the lookout for something new and unique.

Not every brand has what it takes to fill up the shoes, but does not seem to be a problem for both 918Kiss and Mega888. These two providers are known for pushing the boundaries and always going to the next level in order to ensure a quality gaming experience.

Not only that, but they are in tune with the latest trends in the iGaming industry and are always implementing them. One of those trends is mobile gaming and thanks to the fact that these two providers have developed their own apps, you and every other Malaysian player can enjoy their titles on any mobile device.

The only condition to access them on your smartphone is to download these apps and have a stable connection to the Internet. The gameplay will not differ in any way compared to the gameplay on desktop devices and the attention to detail is just mesmerizing.

Thanks to the fact all slot online Malaysia titles are accredited by reputable authorities, you can rest assured knowing that they are reliable and secure. 

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