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ZenAffiliate Review – New Gambling Affiliate Program


ZenAffiliate is a new gambling affiliate program that is offering a great variety of games and a good revenue share. They are also able to payout in Bitcoin, so players can get their money quickly and easily. This is definitely a good time to become an affiliate. You can sign up for a free account to find out more.

Payouts in Bitcoin

The new and improved ZenAffiliate offers an impressive lineup of gambling offerings. They offer their players a bevy of bonuses, including the best welcome bonus in the business. They also boast the best customer service in the industry. They also have the best mobile casino experience in the business. They have the highest retention rate in the industry. The best part is that they have an affable customer service department that takes the heat out of your fingers. They also have the shortest payout cycle in the business. You can expect your payment to arrive on time and on a schedule. They even have a dedicated account manager and customer support team. They’re the most reliable gambling affiliate in the business. If you are looking to make some extra dough, look no further.

Great selection of games

The ZenAffiliate mobile casino may be the first of its kind in the UK but it won’t be the last. The site aims to cater to the gambling fraternity by fusing the best of both worlds – mobile casino gaming and live dealer bingo. This combination promises a whopping 65% payout, a free no deposit bonus, and a fun and friendly customer support team. The best part is the welcome email – you’ll be greeted by the site’s mascots, namely, Andy, Alex, and the rest of the gang. To sweeten the deal, a 10% referral bonus is also on the docket. Of course, if you’re looking to make a quick buck, you may be tempted to snare a free no deposit bonus. The mobile site is available on both iOS and Android.

Revenue sharing

There are many casino affiliate programs available. These offer exclusive promotions to help promote casino sites. They also provide tools for marketing. In addition, they have great commission rates.

The best way to find an affiliate program is to do some research. It is important to choose a platform that has a high conversion rate. You also need to choose a brand you like.

Having a large player base can produce a steady stream of monthly income. Most gambling affiliate programs offer excellent commission rates. You can earn as much as 40%.

Online casinos are an industry that is constantly growing. It is a good niche for affiliates. However, there are some challenges.

One issue is that the casino industry is very competitive. This can lead to lower percentages than advertised. This is because operators may be trying to attract new affiliates.

Another problem is that affiliates are often not told exactly what they will pay. They are not told if they will get a higher percentage, or if they will be paid in advance.

Legality of promoting offshore gambling sites

There are a number of reasons why the legality of promoting offshore gambling sites has become an important issue. For one, these operators often target American consumers. And, these businesses are not subject to the strict regulations and oversight that regulated gambling sites are.

In addition, the Department of Justice has warned against media outlets allowing illegal operations to advertise on their websites. And, it has filed charges against 57 individuals, including Jay Cohen, founder of Antigua-based World Sports Exchange.

For the last two decades, federal prosecutors have successfully brought cases against offshore operators, resulting in convictions. This includes cases of racketeering and money laundering, as well as cases of fraud and corruption.

In recent years, more and more states have begun to introduce legislation that regulates the operation of internet gambling websites. This has allowed the establishment of many legal sites. However, a large portion of the market remains in the illegal arena.

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