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7 Things You Should Not Do When Riding a Motorcycle

A good motorcyclist should know the “dos and don’ts” of motorcycling–knowledge provides safety.

This article aims to remind motorcyclists of the importance of focus and the practice of safety on the road. Here are 7 things you should never do as a motorcyclist.

Never Wear Insufficient Motorcycle Clothing

The importance of wearing high-quality and complete motorcycle clothing cannot be overemphasized. Motorcyclists should wear motorcycle helmets, jackets, gloves, pants, and shoes. Many motorcyclists prefer to avoid wearing these safety gear, but it is the only way to keep yourself safe on the highway.

A helmet is imperative to protect the head, and so is every motorcycle clothing for other body parts. In certain weather conditions, some of your clothing pieces will need to change but never wear incomplete or wrong clothing.

Never Assume Other Road Users Can See You

Assuming that other road users – bikers and car drivers – can see you, is a terrible mistake. Motorcyclists are at the greatest risk of accidents than other vehicles on the road. The most common cause of these accidents is when a driver fails to recognize an oncoming motorcycle – drivers are usually distracted. Most drivers do not see a motorcycle coming until it is too late, and a crash is inevitable.

Therefore, use the right signals and headlights, wear visibly reflective clothing, and maintain a lane. Furthermore, be aware of road conditions, risks, and traffic and always react to road users with control and precision.

Never Rush into Corners

When you rush into corners too quickly, you are at greater risk of colliding with oncoming vehicles or even sliding off your motorcycle. One lesson every motorcyclist must learn is patience. Slowing down with a constant speed allows you to look around steadily for oncoming vehicles.

Never Drink or Take Substances Before and During a Drive

Being alert is vital to safety, especially when riding – substances reduce one’s alertness. It is very dangerous to operate any vehicle when you are under the influence of alcohol, medication, or drugs. Therefore, never take substances before a ride.

When undergoing treatment and taking medications, be sure to be completely well again before going out to ride.

Never Overload Your Motorcycle

Motorcycles are not made to transport luggage, therefore, never overload your motorcycle. Having a lot of items strapped to the back of your motorcycle will unbalance it, affect your control, and alter your visibility to other road users.

Overloading will make you more likely to get into an accident. Keep your loads to the minimum and use proper storage compartments and a backpack when needed.

Never Ride on Bad Tires

When your tires no longer grid the road firmly, you might need to repair or change them. Heeding this early warning sign will help you avoid blowouts or accidents due to bad tires. A bad and bald tire is very dangerous, especially in adverse weather conditions. Constantly check your tire pressure and condition before any ride.

Aside from tires, you should check the general state of your motorcycle before every ride to ensure that it is in a good state; when you notice any wear or tear, repair or replace it immediately.

Never Ride Without a License or Insurance

Finally, it is necessary to be certified to use a motorcycle according to the law of your country. A minor shouldn’t be riding a bike neither should a grownup who hasn’t gotten a license. Insurance will save you tons of money when the unexpected happens–invest in one.


With this article, we hope you are reminded about what not to do as a motorcyclist. When you avoid these worst motorcycle practices, you keep yourself safe from harm and hurt.

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