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How To Become A Casino Affiliate


iGaming provides a world of money-making opportunities for interested individuals. There’s the profit that comes from playing online casino games and maximizing bonuses. Then there are benefits associated with being a casino affiliate marketer. Which you can become by オンライン カジノ アフィリエイト zenaffiliate.com  in few moments! And that’s an aspect of iGaming that most people seem to be ignorant about. A common example of affiliates are casino review pages like SoIrishCasino. It suggests certain casinos to you and offers promo codes for registering with them. In this article, you’ll learn more about what iGaming affiliate marketing is and how to take advantage of affiliate opportunities. 

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Who Are Affiliates?

Online casinos partner with casino affiliates to generate brand awareness and attract new players. Affiliates are everywhere on the internet. They could be an individual or an established gaming analytic company. As independent marketers, they serve as an  intermediary between the casino and potential players. With each player they bring to a casino, they are entitled to a commission. This commission is, however, dictated by the agreement entered into by the casino and the affiliate.

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Why Is Affiliate Marketing Effective?

Affiliate marketing serves online casinos in so many ways. First, there’s the obvious referral traffic that casinos enjoy from this form of marketing. Of all the brand advertisement measures, affiliate marketing happens to have the highest return on investment. Since it’s solely targeted at getting clients, marketers employ tactics that are channeled towards achieving this. Sometimes, they, in conjunction with the casino, provide incentives for players who register via their referral link. At other times, they give positive reviews on some casino’s latest free online slots hits and any other exciting casino game, just to attract and sustain a player’s attention. 

Also, affiliate marketing makes it pretty easy to determine the inflow of players and its source. With referral links, a casino can track the number of clients an affiliate brings. This data becomes useful when payment is to be processed. Also, casino operators can report their growth based on accurate customer influx data.

Additionally, online presence and brand credibility are typically built via affiliate marketing. This is especially the case when a casino partners with popular and trusted iGaming marketers. Players who trust the marketer’s recommendation begin to form impressive ideas about the casino. Most times, they even proceed to register and make a deposit as soon as these credible affiliate marketers make a recommendation. 

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The Different Types Of Affiliate Deals

Affiliates and online casinos strike marketing deals in two major forms. There’s the Revenue Sharing model and the Cost Per Acquisition model. 

The Revenue Sharing model is the most profitable of both deals. Here, affiliates enjoy a percentage of the revenue generated from player referrals. In essence, if you were to refer 100 players to a casino in a month, the casino gives you a cut of each profit brought about by these referrals. The cut is usually between 20% – 45% of the net revenue. And the more high-risk players you refer to, the higher your pay.

The Cost Per Acquisition model on the other hand is far less lucrative. One benefit of this model though, is that casinos tend to be flexible with the pay as the referrals grow. The way this model works is that affiliates are entitled to a fixed reward for every player referred. Whether the referral will be complete upon registration or after depositing, depends on the agreement terms between both parties. Oftentimes, casinos and affiliates are known to mix both payment models.

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How To Get Players To Sign Up Using Your Links

As an affiliate, there are several measures that can be put in place to secure referrals via your link. And all these methods are effective in their own way. However, you should ensure that you always go for the most effective measures. 

One popular method affiliate marketers use is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They build websites for the sole purpose of online casino reviews and casino promotions. Then they fill the websites with keywords and LSI words that help the page rank well during searches. The easier it is for players to find your website, the faster you can generate referral traffic. 

There’s also the Pay Per Click option. Here, affiliates pay players to click on their referral link, register, deposit and sometimes play.

While this method is effective, we suggest that you do not adopt it as a beginner. Especially if you don’t earn enough to pay players or if you’re yet to deeply comprehend how to exploit PPC campaigns. Other methods you can explore are email-marketing and word of mouth.


Affiliate marketing of an Ireland casino online and casinos in general might seem stressful at the beginning. In fact, if you’re new to the industry, referral traffic might be really slow or nonexistent for a while. But as soon as you gain an understanding of affiliate marketing techniques, you’ll find this hustle super lucrative and totally worth your time. You could even become one of those passive income earners the world talks about.

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