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How to Play Scratch Cards and Winning Tips


Scratch Cards is a game using Western cards that Vietnamese seem to be familiar with. Still, there are plenty of newcomers out there who want to learn and explore the game. Let’s learn with F8BET how to play this game and how to calculate points so you don’t lose.

Learn about card games

Scratch cards are commonly known as “Three card Poker” in English, and many brothers still roughly translate them into three cards, three cards, etc. Southern communities, while northerners use more sacred scratch cards.

Scratch cards are also known as card games when they appear in casino systems or online casinos. In other cases, people also use names such as: Poker, Three Trees, Score, etc.

Scratch cards are based on comparison rules, where players’ scores in the game are compared to each other, or the same thing is done between the dealer and the player. All players are dealt 3 cards, including the dealer. This is also the reason why this game is called by another name, Three Cards.

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How to Play Traditional Scratch Cards

The most common and popular ways to play scratch cards that you will often encounter are: scratch cards and turtle scratch cards. Specifically, what are these two types of scratches, we will share the following:

How To Play Turtle Scratch Cards: How To Play Turtle Scratch Cards Designed in a “tastiest” style. Before the game starts, all participants in the game place equal bets. After a game process of flipping and comparing points, the player with the most buttons gets the full wager of all remaining players.

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It is not uncommon for two people to tie the knot, and usually the betting reward will be split equally between the two. If there are many people with the same score, a final match is played to determine the winner and lose the prize.

How to Play Scratch Cards: In this game type, players will stand out and do chores to scrape together money. Another player suggests the house, and during the game, they will take turns matching cards with the dealer. When a game is won or lost, the dealer will earn the following amounts.

The winner will receive the bonus amount as a wager. Meanwhile, the losing player will have to take the entire bet back to the house. Like many reviewers, scratch card gameplay has many similarities to blackjack gameplay.

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How to calculate winning or losing points?

To participate in any game, you not only need to know the specific gameplay, how to bet? Also, the scoring method is important because it directly determines your interests. If you win but don’t know how the points are calculated and how much the bonus is, it’s a mistake.

In fact, the calculation method of scratch card score is not too difficult to understand, you only need to understand:

Card A: 1 point.

– Cards from 2 to 10: The value of the cards corresponds to the number of points earned.

– Cards K, Q, J: All 10 points count.

The scratch cards are compared as follows: After the cards are dealt, each player undertakes the task of adding up the scores of the three cards they dealt. Specify 1 point to correspond to 1 button, 1 point is the lowest point, 9 points is the highest point. Accordingly, if the total is greater than 9, the final score will only be in units of the total that was just added. For example, if you add up to 23 points, the score is only 3 points.

Screenshot 58

In the calculation method of scratch card, you also have several special calculation methods, as follows:

– First, Wax: Wax is counted when there are three cards with unique symbols. The size of the wax depends on the value of the card. Therefore, Card A has the highest wax rule.

– Second, Holy: A lien is a situation where three cards have consecutive values. The value of the holy deck also depends on the value of the cards, so you can tell that the biggest decks are Queens, Kings, Aces.

– Three, Three West: Brazil also has an interesting name, Slut or Flower Field, and that group of 3 trees are Renka. Here, three points no longer depend on the value of the cards, all cards are equal. So, in this particular way of scoring, the wax sleeve gets the highest score, then the lien, and finally the trio.


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