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Information on Orbital Stretch Wrapping


For straight items, a horizontal orbital stretch wrapper/wrapping machine is devised. It has a track record of accomplishment in a variety of sectors, including plank products, tubular products, and profiled products. The horizontal machine is used to package steel pipes, aluminum sections, windows and doors, rods, and panels. This is done using equipment that is very fast and effective for your packaging needs. The Horizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine that Fhope installed was entirely created and constructed at one of the numerous manufacturing facilities.

Information on Orbital Stretch Wrapping1

1. Guard the cargo and avoid damage

LLDPE stretch film is expanded as it is applied and packed using the Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper and ring-type wrapping machine. Stretch film seals and encloses the package after it has been wrapped around it, acting like a rubber band to hold the compression and the package together. It guards against damage to colorful, highly polished surfaces needed to protect objects in transportation. Stay away from the interleaved buffer material demand.

2. Materials and Cut Back on Packing Fees.

Stretch film, foam, tape, shrinking wrapping, paper folding machine australia, knit belts, strings, and pet belts may all be eliminated by using a horizontal orbital stretch wrapper or wrapping machine. You may save time and money on labor thanks to the fast packing speed. The aforementioned steps reduce package costs.

3. Available unitize length wrapping.

For long products such as unitizing pipe, tube, profile, lumber, door, window, board, section, and textile rolls, the horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine is perfect. There is no restriction on the number of layers of stretch film or other packaging materials. The pace of overwrapping may be altered for various widths. Your shipments are safeguarded from damage, moisture, and dust.

4. Stretch wrap with a ring straddle

Ring straddle stretch wrappers are the last option. Paper towels and other hygiene items, including lavatory tissue, are often packaged in these stretch wrappers.

Ring straddle stretch wrappers are regarded as specialty stretch wrappers and are often capable of wrapping up to 200 loads per hour. They are generally used to package the commodities mentioned above but are also well-liked in the beverage packaging sector.

Because of their hybrid nature, these machines can handle loads in a fashion that combines features of straddle and orbital wrappers.

As shown in the video above, one such example is the Lantech ultra-high speed ring straddle stretch wrapper.

The Stretch film delivery method wraps the pallet in a motion more akin to a straddle wrapper as the pallets travel to and from the load zone via a conveyor belt (like the orbital wrapper).

Which Stretch Wrapper Type Is Best For You?

You need to have a fundamental grasp of the many kinds of stretch wrappers that are presently on the market after reading this article.

You could even know what kind of stretch wrapper you want. However, there is one thing you must do first before moving on.

Which kind of stretch wrapper is best for your warehouse, business, packing line, and goods is the matter at hand.

The answer to that question depends on some factors, including the amount of space you need, the dimensions of your products—their length, width, height, and depth—as well as your financial situation, the number of items you need to wrap each month, and other crucial variables.

There is a far quicker and simpler method to do this task, even though you could undoubtedly figure everything out on your own by spending hours reading stuff on our website.

Let’s say you want to know what kind of stretch wrapper is best for your products, finances, location, business, and associated factors. In such a situation, you should speak with one of our internal packaging specialists right away.

In a fraction of the time and effort, it would take you to figure this out on your own, they can assist you in selecting the best stretch wrapper for your needs.

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