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QR menu maker: A software that can manage multiple restaurant branches


To reach out to locals and other tourists in different sections of your city, expand your brick-and-mortar restaurant business into smaller scale outlets which can be managed with a QR menu maker.

As a restaurant investor, you might want to think about adopting interactive restaurant menu QR code software to help you manage various locations of your business with just one program. You no longer need to invest a huge number of money to use software for each of your branches independently, thanks to technological advancements.

Furthermore, growing your restaurant’s smaller size branches is a marketing technique that can help you produce and boost sales and money.

Here’s how to use a QR menu maker to manage many stores.

Manage multiple store branches in one account

A QR menu maker that manages several locations in one account can be useful if you are a restaurant investor or restaurateur in general who owns multiple food stores.

You may also assign admins and users to each store you create with that account. Admins and users can track and monitor individual orders placed by diners in your restaurant.

You no longer need to create separate accounts for each of your stores because everything can be managed in one spot. You may also get a comprehensive overview of statistics, sales, and consumer insights for each of your restaurant locations.

With this integration, you may devise new techniques for retaining and attracting clients, so increasing your restaurant’s sales.

Ways to branch out your restaurant business

There are several options for expanding your restaurant business. Here are a few to look into.

  1. Open pop-up stores of your restaurant

Expanding your restaurant to a smaller scale location, such as a pop-up store, allows you to make an impression on the locals of your dining venue.

This allows you to introduce a little of your restaurant to a new dining place and give locals and tourists a taste of your menu concept’s grandeur.

Opening a pop-up store for your restaurant can also help you generate more sales and money.

  1. Branch out as a one-floor resto

Your restaurant could be operating out of a two-story building that caters to the target clientele in the area.

Expand as a one-floor restaurant to any suitable location that can attract and cater to clients, thereby increasing your sales and revenue.

How to create an account for your restaurant business

Here is a comprehensive how-to guide in creating an account and setting up your business using an interactive restaurant menu QR code software.

  1. Open the website of an interactive restaurant menu QR code software.
    Create an account.
  2. Go to the Stores section and create your multiple store branches.
  3. Customize your QR code and set the number of tables per restaurant branch. Download the QR code to display inside your restaurant.
  4. Add and assign users and admins to each of your store.
  5. Add food photographs, establish prices, write menu descriptions, and other details to the digital menu. By going to the Modifiers part of the software, you may start making a food list with different modifiers.
  6. Create a custom-built restaurant website. Cater to most of the multi-lingual audience by localizing your menu and website.
  7. Set up your payment method.
  8. Track and monitor orders reflected on the software dashboard in real-time. Fulfill customers’ orders.


A QR menu maker, for example, is a godsend innovation that aids the restaurant industry in running its operations smoothly.

Fortunately, the QR menu generator can handle several accounts in one account, allowing restaurant owners to produce and grow sales by branching out their business through pop-up stores or any smaller scale restaurant.

Become a worry-free restaurant owner who oversees several branches of your original store.

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